Monday, January 15, 2018

Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni Vs Montreal Canadiens Alumni Game

                On Saturday, my dad and I got to go to the Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni vs the Montreal Canadiens Alumni game with my dad. First of all the game was delayed because the Montreal Alumni were stuck in traffic and of course I openly made some pretty crazy jokes, oh they chickened out against the Leafs Alumni, they are afraid to lose to em but it doesn't matter if they win or lose its all for a great cause, Alzheimer's Society. 

                  So  what also bothered me in the game the fact the Montreal Alumni goalie was a young guy which this suppose to be an alumni game for a great cause, the Alzheimer's Society and should be NHL Alumni from both Toronto and Montreal teams. So that did not please me whatsoever. What kind of surprised me they put in this young guy while Sevigny was on the bench for periods 2 & 3, maybe he couldn't handle 3 periods but again this backup goalie is younger then these alumni and technically he wasn't in the NHL, just a guest goalie. Yet again it was unfair to the Maples Leafs Alumni, due to the fact they had only CUJO (Curtis Joseph) who was the only goalie on the Alumni Roster for the Leafs that were actually going to play. 

                    Now enough of me complaining about the Montreal team, the players I remember well enough is Curtis Joseph, Nik Antropov from the Leafs and for Montreal, Patrice Brisbrois, Stephane Richer as I grew up watching these players in the 90's and into the 2000's as well as well and I know some of the older players as well but not as well but my dad has given me the history of well known players and I always love to learn about the old players who they played with, goals scored, what year they played and so on. 

                    What did I think about the game all together? I love it! I absolutely loved it! I actually was at the edge of my seat during the the entire game, it was very exciting it was back and forth in scoring but yet it was a low scoring and staying very close in scoring, it was exciting. The final score it shocked the heck out of me, it ended in a 4 - 4 tie, so nobody lost, it was very much a very even game and was a great Alumni game! I hope to do this again in the nearby future! 


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