Saturday, January 13, 2018

I Need To Be Organized and Focused With Chris B On The Web

              I realize now, I need to be more organized with Chris B On The Web with the most important to get done to the least important. It comes along the line what is the most important on the list and of course I know podcasts and these blog posts are up there in the most important at all times as I need to keep you guys up to speed with content, so definitely it is on the list, however I have to put into consideration my website, the heart and soul behind Chris B On The Web that hosts a multitude of website only content such as interviews with my former staff, interviews with my fellow CICE Students from Durham College and plenty more website ONLY content coming this year as well. So to juggle all 3 of those it's not easy but I gotta stay organized,stay focused on the tasks at hand. Yes there is other work that needs to be done besides the website but these are the 3 most important.

                I know the last few days, you can tell on social media, I haven't been myself and for the first time in about a week I missed a blog post which is very much rare for me as I always have something to say on the blog here but I actually missed a day and usually I miss at least one blog post a week normally, as it is normally due to work load or just busy with my regular everyday life but I admit I haven't been very organized lately but I sure as heck am trying to stay organized as much as possible but at times it can be quite difficult of a task but if I wanna get things done, I do need to get things done and faster then it has been. 

                   So yes I do need to be more organized to getting things done and I am planning on using both my sticky note pad here on my computer but not just that, use my calender on a regular basis to help me stay organized and stay on track with everything going on with Chris B On The Web &


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