Thursday, December 13, 2018

Chris B On The Web Staff, Global Moderators & Moderators

            I have started to be more trusting in having people help me for example but first The Staff are the ones who work on the content and bring the content out to you guys. Now Global Moderators like Billy will be making sure the the rules of any channels or the blog comments are being followed and report if a blog comment needs to be removed from the website. He also has the ability to suggest ideas and features for Chris B On The Web so they have a lot say in ideas and features for the website or for the podcasts.  Regular Moderator is the moderator of any of the chatrooms that Chris B On The Web has. The following is a list currently of the Staff, Global Moderators and Moderators for Chris B On The Web:

CBOTW Staff:


Global Moderators:





              I gotta start small group of people helping me which is fine and eventually I will be probably, hopefully making staff again down the road but right now that is not happening right now as I am very much happy on my own with minimal help but still need help with around the website with moderating comments and being the ambassadors for the Twitch channel representing Chris B On The Web and I appreciate the help that is given to me when I need it especially.


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