Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Canada Post Back Log is Frustrating!

              The end of this year has indeed has been frustrating with the Canada Post and it hasn't been easy with us getting mail as it is currently in a backlog at the moment which isn't good. I was worried end of the last month and the end of October if I remember correctly but the reason I was worried was because of the end of the month is cheque day and I was worried I wasn't going to get it due to the rotating strike going on around the province of Ontario so it was stress that was getting to me and I was quite frustrated and angry by this damn strike. Sorry I used the word damn but it is really frustrating and it's not the money portion part of the cheque it's the paper work that comes in the mail that helps me get my bus pass for each and every month of the year and gets me around the city and the region which does help quite a lot! Not only that as you all know it was my birthday this month and I was expecting a birthday card which I got several days later on the Saturday as we got a bulk of mail here at the house.

                We also suddenly started to not get mail whatsoever but I am glad my dad complained because they started deliver it again and it's not the same person who delivered the mail either which is not the same honestly but we gotta deal with this backlog of a mess and wish they would of made a deal sooner or we wouldn't be in this mess from the get go. Like seriously it was annoying enough to not get mail or things I had coming to me. Why the heck do you think I never put the order in for the second boom arm as I do not trust the mail service right now due to all of this backlog. I do not know when I will put the order in for the second boom arm, or maybe I will end up waiting till end of April or when the desk is fully rebuilt but at this point I do not know because I would of gotten it sooner if it wasn't for this blasted Mail strike. However in the end of the day of me bitching and complaining, I am glad I didn't get it or I wouldn't have seen it for weeks maybe months with this backlog so I did things right and I am proud to have wait things out while this backlog is fixed but soon I plan on making the order down the road when the time is right to do it.


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