Tuesday, April 9, 2019

No Secret I Have Been Trying To Revive CBOTW Gamers Podcast

          I know two podcast posts in a row but a lot of podcasting news from the CBOTW Studios but keeps you guy up to date and everyday something seems to change or happen. Now to today's post, it is no secret in the past few weeks, I have been working on ideas to get CBOTW Gamers Podcast back up and running once again. I will give you a bit of a back story to the podcast. I had a co-host for the podcast but it did not work out and the podcast was shelved. they also hosted the podcast originally, then it was cancelled, followed by a revival then shelved for the last almost 3 years now. I just recently decided to start working on bringing it back with me as host but right now it is quite difficult to do with me running both Everything About Reality TV & Collaboration Podcasts but it will eventually come back and is on hold for the meantime. Least in the meantime, I can start working on much newer ideas for the podcast itself and if it isn't the gamers podcast that returns it could be something else but like I said to Eric, I sure have options and I think CBOTW Gamers can be something to look into even on a monthly basis which isn't as much as bad or every second week could work out too for the podcast but I haven't gotten that far in the production side of planning that. But eventually I will and yes I have been looking into streaming it live but again not gone that far with it as of yet. Plus once the website is fixed to the changes I am making to it with the site which I have briefly have mentioned it on Twitter and Instagram a bit so I will have room for an additional tabs to the site but I am definitely thinking of the future for CBOTW Gamers Podcast which can be a thing down the road especially. 

               This podcast has a ton of potential and I know that and I knew that when it was originally in it's original run with the original host who I will not bring up as we are not on good terms but it is what it is as sometimes friendships goes their own ways sometimes. Anyways I am totally taking over this project 150% of this project and I am planning on having guests on the podcasts down the road too and plan on setting it up so I can take calls through my mixer board. So still a bunch of work to do and money to save up but come June, I am working on that side of things. I am getting way out of hand on other topics on this post now aren't I? I plan on even having segments Happenings on YouTube, Twitch, maybe a Gamers spotlight of the month or week added in there too. New games coming out on various different platforms and much more on the list! The podcast is going to be an hour long per episode or per month or whatever the schedule permits but again the scheduling and format has yet to be put together but I plan  on making a template and all I have to do is write in the notes each and every episode. I am excited for this new opportunity down the road and soon as I am ready to go an official announcement will be coming down the road. It will not be on YouTube as I said before, I am very much retired from that platform and the way it's going I am better off elsewhere at this point. I gotta do what is best for me and the podcasts as well. 


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