Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Feels Like 2016 All Over Again....

           Right now I am not thinking straight right now.... As you know with the recent additions to the podcast I think I am just overwhelmed and not myself and I am so confused with things and people are literally worried about me right now. Honestly my mental state or mental health isn't all there right now. I need to learn to just deal with it and work with the schedule and I always record in the mornings so I should continue on with it honestly. Honestly this is only for a few weeks then I am down to 2 per weeks which is half of what the schedule is going to be starting next week so what the heck am I honestly complaining about. It's only a few freakin weeks honestly which isn't much and the final weeks of both Big Brother Canada & Survivor Edge of Extinction will go quite quickly. I just gotta work hard and make sure I am going to have it ready for the actual release at the new times that I have mentioned. 

              What did I mean it feels like 2016.... I just feel with everything going on right now it feels like how The Entertainment Man Talk Show ended in the final months of it's existence and I just do not want Everything About Reality TV ending in the same way that ended and if it ended anytime soon, it would definitely be on a good high note as of right now I am currently standing at 191 Episodes, 192 today as I recorded yet again today for the Preview of Amazing Race 31 which starts a week today which should be exciting honestly I should show the excitement levels. If I think of it, if it ends start of June to Mid June at the most which I do not know when the finale will be at this moment but I am sure I will have a few weeks off from this podcast and I think I will be not doing many off season podcasts, I am going to take the break I need without worrying about it. 

                 Honestly I do not want it to end up like almost 3 years ago as I was in a very dark place and honestly it felt like that tonight as I felt the control I had slipping through my fingers and I was going back into my old ways. I don't need to go back that way cause it wasn't a pretty face to see honestly and this all started back two days ago at the mall when visiting with Eric. I am just not with it and I am in need a mental break from doing this podcast which when I was on YouTube before this begun, I didn't have that break and it feels like that even now. When I was not in the right frame of mind which I did really stupid things to myself and it's no lies and honestly I do not wanna go back into that depression and corner like I was in and I assure you this is not going to happen again. I am just currently in a funk and need to get out of it and fast.


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