Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Past Week Has Been Nothing But Mass Chaos For Me!

                 This week has been nothing but mass chaos for me with being behind schedule again and work piled up on me is making me think is this additional podcast worth it? Well yes I wanted to do it but I was hoping by May 22nd it would of stuck to that schedule but it is what it is. Plus I have had appointments and meetings all week and no time to edit the podcast and have it up on time. But Thursday I was only a tad bit late which isn't bad at all. However, I am excited for this week as it is going to be a busy, busy week for me with Easter coming up and dealing with the podcasts but don't forget I have done two podcasts in a day once when I covered Music City so I should be able to handle the stress levels of that. But I think this week, I worried a lot about the upcoming week as Easter is nearby and I will be busy with the family so what I am doing is pre-planning my days ahead of time before I get into this very busy week. 

                   It is always with me planning, planning, planning and executing this plan. I haven't stopped since January rolled in since Music City as I have been busy with that podcast, but Celebrity Big Brother, Survivor, Big Brother Canada and finally Amazing Race, I have just gone on non stop. I don't think I will end up sleeping tonight at all or not very much due to the stress and worries with the final weeks of 4 episodes a week, then moving down to 2 then down to 1 podcast a week finally. I just want a break from it all honestly. I have also been stressing that CBS has yet said an official renewal of Big Brother US 21 that has been driving me up the wall waiting and waiting for official news even though reliable Big Brother sources say it will be back this summer but yet their is no official word from CBS themselves. 

                   At this point all I can say is Amazing Race Canada 6 is the only one that I am covering and if they decide at the last second to bring it back this summer, more then likely I may end up taking the summer off from Big Brother 21 as this is driving me absolutely insane honestly. I know you guys the fans are starting to lose patience but it is CBS for you. I think I have made my decision for the 11th season of Everything About Reality TV and will be making the announcement soon enough, hopefully by mid June/Late June at the most. I am beyond frustrated, mentally exhausted and tired and need a break from it and once Amazing Race completes, I hope I have a week or so off before starting up the next season. I can tell you this, I have already made the decision for no many or no off season podcasts, however, that could change but I usually got my mind made up to what I wanna do with CBOTW. 


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