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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Internet Issues Means Very Late Post!

             Our internet provider went down once again for hours on end. So any work didn't recommence till after my dentist appointment this morning so I apologize for the inconvenience for lateness and that is unacceptable in but what can you do, this stuff happens and it's beyond our control, really is. This why pre-writing blogs is important and trust me I am writing one for tomorrow and the next couple of days this way there is one that does go out everyday at this point. 

            Sometimes you go through something and it is beyond control and maybe this is a topic I should really talk about on a podcast, more at length. Another example is not working and it was their end that went down and normally they ARE SOLID but we've experienced a few hiccups recently but it is what it is. Anyways tomorrow I will be back on schedule with a new post and it's an update on the podcasts moving forward but for now I am deeply sorry for no blog post today and will be back on schedule tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

It's Been Hard To Focus Lately!

                 I have put up with so much verbal abuse and accusations, I am just had it and I needed to just walk away from the group for a while. This is spanning the last almost 3 years in general. So I am taking a Leave of Absence from the group but this don't mean I will not be active on Twitter or Instagram cause I will be. Jim, ChrisBOnTheWeb Community Manager will be assuming the leader role in the Facebook Community while I am off from the community but like I said I will be remaining active on Twitter moving forward. It's not just the verbal abuse and accusations it is about me getting Samurai done and I have a massive plan to catch right up and get another episode recorded in a week. 

                 It has been hard to focus on it and if I take a bit of a break from some of the platforms this may help. I doubt it as I also have to play the Social Media aspect of it all so I am still active on two of the 3 at the most. This podcast is all up to me finishing up notes and getting it done and my team has stepped up to the plate lately-- Meaning Jim is practically running the FB Community Group, Amy is helping me here and there with editing Entertainment Man Podcast and her own which is only weekly which her and I been back and forth about the post Survivor Season and we have something planned but more is coming soon hopefully soon.  But with this, I hope this is going to take some pressure off of me when it comes to actually. The break was so short lived cause my Community Manager had a meltdown on me so now I am back on     Facebook, back to being stressed out 24-7 once again. However that is today's post, hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Sunday, September 29, 2019

Procrastinating Is Getting Better

             I can say this I am getting better at the procrastinating but still am having issues with the whole thing currently. It will indeed take me a while to get better at it. Recently I was procrastinating with the entire Big Brother 21 and I know the season is over now with it being 2 - 3 days later but I mean it was the worse experience of procrastination hence the reason why you guys saw it go to the way side very quickly but I made the promise to you guys it'll be back and I am a man to my word and will promise it. Sometimes it is too much to weave in at once and that could be the issue with me getting things out on time but recently things are looking are looking better as I said. I will explain myself on that. This week I have shown a lot more interest in Everything About Reality TV and I actually got to be on track this week for once and my goal is not procrastinate and get the podcasts out right on track for the entire season to see if I can indeed reach this goal as next year is going to be big for the podcast as you know it will be our 5th year ON-Air. Other then that I am still having some issues with getting posts out in the morning as my sleep schedule I am either in bed early or I'm up late but there is no excuse for me to fall behind on those. That is the one problems I am currently enduring at the moment but I can say it is starting to get better slowly but surely.

              I am getting a ton better but still got a bunch of work to do with the procrastinating. One things I have found myself doing is following a schedule I have set. So I normally have it all set up on the white board from posts for the daily blogs which I am shocked it has lasted this long 700 + blogs on almost a regular basis and I am still writing posts even to this day and I think this will never end to be honest as I enjoy writing on a daily basis and usually I am very, very good with actually posting up something everyday which is why today's post is being doubled up so you get a bonus post. Just to let you guys know the bonus post is out at 11 am EST followed by a 2 hr window for the main one. So in conclusion of this I think it is getting better but I still struggle from time to time on this issue but I think we all do at times so I am not the only one with procrastinating as we all procrastinate from time to time but I want to eventually cut it out entirely and have a very smooth flow of things. Sometimes I just to need to just go with the flow at times but I will get it eventually. 


Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Past Week Has Been Nothing But Mass Chaos For Me!

                 This week has been nothing but mass chaos for me with being behind schedule again and work piled up on me is making me think is this additional podcast worth it? Well yes I wanted to do it but I was hoping by May 22nd it would of stuck to that schedule but it is what it is. Plus I have had appointments and meetings all week and no time to edit the podcast and have it up on time. But Thursday I was only a tad bit late which isn't bad at all. However, I am excited for this week as it is going to be a busy, busy week for me with Easter coming up and dealing with the podcasts but don't forget I have done two podcasts in a day once when I covered Music City so I should be able to handle the stress levels of that. But I think this week, I worried a lot about the upcoming week as Easter is nearby and I will be busy with the family so what I am doing is pre-planning my days ahead of time before I get into this very busy week. 

                   It is always with me planning, planning, planning and executing this plan. I haven't stopped since January rolled in since Music City as I have been busy with that podcast, but Celebrity Big Brother, Survivor, Big Brother Canada and finally Amazing Race, I have just gone on non stop. I don't think I will end up sleeping tonight at all or not very much due to the stress and worries with the final weeks of 4 episodes a week, then moving down to 2 then down to 1 podcast a week finally. I just want a break from it all honestly. I have also been stressing that CBS has yet said an official renewal of Big Brother US 21 that has been driving me up the wall waiting and waiting for official news even though reliable Big Brother sources say it will be back this summer but yet their is no official word from CBS themselves. 

                   At this point all I can say is Amazing Race Canada 6 is the only one that I am covering and if they decide at the last second to bring it back this summer, more then likely I may end up taking the summer off from Big Brother 21 as this is driving me absolutely insane honestly. I know you guys the fans are starting to lose patience but it is CBS for you. I think I have made my decision for the 11th season of Everything About Reality TV and will be making the announcement soon enough, hopefully by mid June/Late June at the most. I am beyond frustrated, mentally exhausted and tired and need a break from it and once Amazing Race completes, I hope I have a week or so off before starting up the next season. I can tell you this, I have already made the decision for no many or no off season podcasts, however, that could change but I usually got my mind made up to what I wanna do with CBOTW. 


Saturday, March 16, 2019

This Week Hasn't Been a Great Week For Me...

               This week hasn't been the greatest week for me in the way of Chris B On The Web. This week, I feel like I have let myself down, let YOU guys the fans down with not following my podcast schedule this week. Yea my mood this week has been up and down and been feeling like why am I doing this if I cannot handle the scheduling side of things but I know I can! Just I need to start getting into bed earlier and get my sleep back on the right track could be the one of the issues I could be having. Usually and I do not talk about my schedule publicly minus to me posting up pictures Behind The Scenes here in my studio that is all you guys really know. I try and aim to record in the early morning so it gives me hours to edit as it is released in the evening but sometimes I have appointments, friends to see but you guys still have the # 1 priority and I hate to disappoint you guys honestly and that is how I am feeling this week, like I've let you guys down. However I made it up with posting up the episode today at 3 pm EST which is currently already out for you guys as you are all reading this after it got posted up. Also I think I have had the YouTube blues as I haven't been on the platform in almost 3 years creating content for you guys. Starting to miss it but I know I have to realize that I retired from YouTube and nothing can really change that as I missed the chance to keep it on going no matter what. Honestly the podcast has done extremely well on the Audio ONLY and has been nothing but a huge success.

                I also have to realize the state of YouTube now compare to when I was still on the darn platform it has changed rapidly. Maybe I kept on thinking about it over and over again which got me into those bit of depression moods again which I rather not get into em as they sometimes last a couple of days till I get out of it. I rather try and stay in a happy state of mind but I guess it can be the way my body is from time to time I guess.  Yes we all get the blues here and there but I think partly is the weather is the blame as the weather here has been changing non stop lately and could have a factor too. Either way, I will figure it out why I am feeling this way and I am sure it will pass in time.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Having Chris B On The Web Blues Again....

             Yes the question to today's post, I was feeling really down and the depression was setting in pretty quick when I had a heck of a lot of time on my hands when I didn't have to plan out YouTube videos. At the point of me ending everything for YouTube, it was a weight off my shoulder but in the long run I felt like The Entertainment Man Talk Show was a complete failure like Durham Entertainment Today ended because it ended the same way The Entertainment Man Talk Show did. It was like dejavu all over again and today I started to think about me leaving YouTube and the series ending out of nowhere and how my channel went downhill very quickly. I haven't been this low in about a year and a half now and not sure why I am having Chris B On The Web Blues again. I thought I would be over leaving YouTube but sometimes when I am on my own, not around friends whatsoever I think I let my mind wander off in my own studio which does not help the situation at all.  I have been struggling honestly to rebuild Chris B On The Web and the last 2 years hasn't been an easy re-build but things are slowly settling into place. As you know I have added on The CBOTW Show as a second podcast and I am right on track with all the podcasts at the moment so that shouldn't be dragging me down but the real test is about to come in the New Year when I will be jammed packed in podcasts for "Everything About Reality TV" will be interesting test on top of The CBOTW Show's Music City CMT & Last Man Standing, I will be one busy bee. 

                 Also I think the fact that I am dealing with some personal issues which I rather not disclose what is really going on but I am dealing with a lot right now and it is quite difficult. As right now I am an emotional mess as I went off on several people tonight and I am not happy about it but I think I did what I didn't normally do is talk things out or listen but recently I just been flying off the handle and people pushing my buttons doesn't help which will bring in tomorrow's blog post which I have been dreading to write tomorrow but will be done and I know I have touched on friendships but that is probably one of the reasons why my motivation with Chris B On The Web is lower then usual right now which I will touch on that a lot more tomorrow then tonight as right now as I am sitting here trying to word things properly and my mind is just wondering again and it is quite difficult for me to function but nothing like a good nights sleep to get rested up for another long day.  That is tonight's blog post and I apologize for it being so late but I had a busy day with appointments and running errands to get ready for Saturday's trip out of town for several hours and I will be hinting on Instagram where I am with my friend Dave.