Sunday, September 29, 2019

Procrastinating Is Getting Better

             I can say this I am getting better at the procrastinating but still am having issues with the whole thing currently. It will indeed take me a while to get better at it. Recently I was procrastinating with the entire Big Brother 21 and I know the season is over now with it being 2 - 3 days later but I mean it was the worse experience of procrastination hence the reason why you guys saw it go to the way side very quickly but I made the promise to you guys it'll be back and I am a man to my word and will promise it. Sometimes it is too much to weave in at once and that could be the issue with me getting things out on time but recently things are looking are looking better as I said. I will explain myself on that. This week I have shown a lot more interest in Everything About Reality TV and I actually got to be on track this week for once and my goal is not procrastinate and get the podcasts out right on track for the entire season to see if I can indeed reach this goal as next year is going to be big for the podcast as you know it will be our 5th year ON-Air. Other then that I am still having some issues with getting posts out in the morning as my sleep schedule I am either in bed early or I'm up late but there is no excuse for me to fall behind on those. That is the one problems I am currently enduring at the moment but I can say it is starting to get better slowly but surely.

              I am getting a ton better but still got a bunch of work to do with the procrastinating. One things I have found myself doing is following a schedule I have set. So I normally have it all set up on the white board from posts for the daily blogs which I am shocked it has lasted this long 700 + blogs on almost a regular basis and I am still writing posts even to this day and I think this will never end to be honest as I enjoy writing on a daily basis and usually I am very, very good with actually posting up something everyday which is why today's post is being doubled up so you get a bonus post. Just to let you guys know the bonus post is out at 11 am EST followed by a 2 hr window for the main one. So in conclusion of this I think it is getting better but I still struggle from time to time on this issue but I think we all do at times so I am not the only one with procrastinating as we all procrastinate from time to time but I want to eventually cut it out entirely and have a very smooth flow of things. Sometimes I just to need to just go with the flow at times but I will get it eventually. 


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