Friday, September 27, 2019

Have Ton of Ideas With The New Studio!

             After thinking about it for a while now I certainly have a good idea what to expect with the new studio. I am planning to have myself and guest chairs facing out with the wall unit having the green screen pinned to the wall which is the initial thought and that is what I am planning. However the question is how is the lighting going to work so that is definitely a concern however there is a plan B in effect but I rather have the wall unit with the green screen attached to the wall unit as it probably work a lot better then the other plan. The second plan was to put the desk against the wall unit and the curtain directly behind me that could be an issue as there is nothing to hold up the rod up in the rafters so I am leaning towards the first one as that will be the best move but now how the heck in the way of spacing going to work? That is definitely going to be a challenge for me and I am sure both Larry and I will figure it out as hes going to help me pack up stuff in the studio in a week and a bit from now when we pack up stuff and certain mics will be removed and I will be switching the mic for a while.  Either way I have an idea where the white board will go as you know right now on the right side of me when I am sitting at my desk currently. However I could keep it as it is but then the green screen I would need to probably put it sideways so the guest in the studio would have a green screen. However again the lighting would have to change too.

            Either way I am excited for the next version of the studio and what I may have to do is get that lighting from Amazon as this lighting may or may not work for me as I do not know how the wiring would work and I would definitely have to make some changes to the studio especially with the new version of the studio but it will all be revealed in time I am sure as I am not sure what the exact plan is but right now my main focus is to get things packed up for the renovation which will be on going through the entire month of November and yes there will be a day I take off to go to the Royal Winter Fair. I promise you guys once I do get the actual studio done I will do an official tour on Instagram TV for you guys of the newly renovated studio and what it is going to look like. Final words on this post for today, Larry and I are planning to do a blue print of a plan for the newly renovated studio once it is done and everything is in place.


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