Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Year I Was In A Musical (Throwback Thursday Story)

               This is way back in the day this is my final years of elementary school I got the honor and privilege to be in a school musical called "The Highlight Zone" which the description of the music is or your consideration, Jess, who is to begin his/her first day at a new school, is especially apprehensive about taking Music Appreciation class. His/her fears about the unknown lead this unsuspecting student into "THE HIGHLIGHT ZONE!" It was a fun play to be on but was very stressful when it came to the rehearsals and staying after school to practice the music an the lyrics to the song and boy our teacher, she was tough on us but that is a good thing especially if we want to have a really good performances that were on May 31st an June 1st of 2001. Yes I remember the performances date to be exact and I remember that Tuesday, I had a school performance before the ones for the families and friends of all the students in the school. I also had to during the school performances for all the classes I had to do one extra line to fill in for someone and boy I was nervous but two of the girls ensured that I would be fine and I was they even said quietly during the performances and I remember them very well too. I remember the dress rehearsal that was a very dramatic and also hectic Saturday as well.

                 In the end it was a great show both the 2 shows we put on for the classes on that Tuesday and also the two performances we put on for the parents and families. I wasn't the greatest singer back then but you can hardly tell with my very coarse voice but I enjoyed it. I think with me in a musical, it really got me into being an entertainer to this very day so this dates back to 2001, 18 years ago before YouTube was an actual thing, before even live video streaming platforms existed but I am now sure a performer, even to this day I enjoy being an entertainer and it sure fits my personality as I am always cracking up stupid jokes at people or about myself, especially when it comes to my mishap behind the microphone from time to time. I hope you guys enjoyed this little throwback Thursday story as I always enjoy talking about experiences I had in the past, including when it comes to when I was in school, elementary school to be exact. I will see you guys on tomorrow's blog which I will be talking about my vision for the studio's future look when the reno is done.


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