Sunday, September 29, 2019

Doors Open Event 2019

                 Yesterday we had a Doors Open event and I think it was all across Ontario honestly which is really cool we got to do this as there hasn't really been one here before. So we went to a few places yesterday for those who are wondering what day I went to the event it was yesterday. I can say we made a mistake as we went to the Airport first and we took much time to find the NO. 6 Fire Hall as we were planning to visit it for doors open but we ended up in NO 5 which I told my dad it was 6 not 5. So we got down to the Courthouse for the Doors Open too late. We got to the airport and we saw a Cessna Float Plane I believe it was a 185 if I remember correctly. Also Piper and also the World War trainer "The Harvard" airplane. Also a Russian Airplane as well that we saw that was sitting there and my dad gave me a brief history on it as well. Also I had this Grilled Cheese with Macaroni.
I will get into that on tomorrow's blog post for you guys as I got yet another food review that wasn't suppose to be schedule this week but I am adding it in for you guys one way or another.  So we next up since the Courthouse Doors Open ended at 1 pm EST our time here we went to the Armory where we had all the vehicles from the Canadian Army which was so amazing how tough the vehicle material and we guess it is definitely very safe when in travelling. We spent probably a good 10 - 15 minutes there before we headed on our final location which was Cowan House which he was Mayor for about 6 or 7 years for our City which was a town at the time before it became an actual city as it is pretty good size now to this day. So we had some history of our city from way back in the late 1800's and I never thought the city existed back then but hey I learned something completely new yesterday an it is always nice to learn something new about the city that you live in. 

                   It wasn't a complete failure as we had the one mishap with the one location but both my dad and I agreed if they do this again next year and I am sure they will and I think it is a great way to expose yourself to some of the history of your local city or town's history. We have a couple of other locations in the back of our minds what we wanna do next year if they do indeed do this again. Anyways tomorrow like I am doing the food review and I did not get the name but I know exactly what it is and how it tasted so that is tomorrow's post then we will be back into a normal routine but I have already pre-written some already ahead of time as today, tomorrow will be a busy one so I am a bit of ahead of myself as my schedule is quite booked up recently. So be on the lookout for that and we will see you guys tomorrow for the next post which will be back up @ 11 am EST. 


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