Monday, September 30, 2019

Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese Food Review

              Like I said yesterday, I wasn't planning a food review to be honest but anyways this is a spur the moment kind of review that I wasn't expecting. So I went something really out of the box and had Mac and Cheese. I know what you are going to say Mac and Cheese? Yes but it was in the Grilled Cheese Sandwich squished in the middle of the cheese and the bread. Now the outside bread had cheese on the outside as well and it is pretty much interesting and I was really unsure how to feel on the first couple of bites and I really had to look in the middle to see the actual macaroni in the middle that is when I figured it out why they call it Mac and Cheese so it was quite interesting sandwich that I had and something I feel confused about still even 2 days later I still wonder what I had. However to the review side of things the cheese was cooked perfectly, the cheese in the middle gooey and the macaroni not cooked but perfect. I honestly think it took me until the second half of my sandwich to really get the grasp of what I was eating honestly and I was truly confused but once I started to eat then I finally got the idea. So the review I would give it 3 out 5 as probably I wouldn't do it again as I rather have a normal everyday grilled cheese sandwich and I am trying to be generous.

               I honestly am being generous in my rating, I could of technically given it a 1 and really not give em a good rating. However it was good but something I think more then likely I wouldn't have again in the very nearby future. It is not because of the taste its more likely I do not think macaroni goes with a grilled cheese. It's definitely an odd ball for food but that is how I roll these days and not only that but I am also all for trying new things and that is probably one of the reasons I wanted to try it. I wasn't going to originally eat as I was trying to follow my diet after eating out on Wednesday night so my entire diet is out the window and tomorrow I need to get back into it. I really wish I could give this review a higher rating but the way I am feeling about what I ate, I feel like that yes it was good but something I wouldn't eat again. However this is just my opinion and I know you guys enjoy these and I know at times I can be critical but I said it before, I am all for trying new things and honestly I thought it was Mac and Cheese in a bowl but I was quite surprised honestly. 


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