Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Everything About Reality TV- January 2020 News

              I have been holding onto this news since last Wednesday night late and I do have a really good idea what is going to happen at this point but not 150% sure exactly on one of the shows we covered as there is no real news on it and been keeping an close eye so let's start talking about each of em to bringing you the news that I have:

Celebrity Big Brother: Julie who is the host of the American Big Brother did not mention a Celebrity Big Brother so I assuming there will be no announcement either. I have read up they didn't do another season, due to the ratings but I did my research which is always good to do and it did comparably well. However I heard this and Eric and I were talking about this as he is my go to news source for all things Reality TV. Now I know there is a 22nd season of Big Brother coming and the crew on Everything About Reality TV will be covering it for sure however the new contract Julie has did not include a Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 so I am at this point thinking it will not be happening which I am fine with it and that opens up a bit of a gap in the scheduling. 

Music City on CMT-  I am still waiting to see if there will be a future season and the renewal usually was in August when they mentioned if there was going to be another season. I could email them and find out but I rather be patient and wait but been waiting long month since the usual and I am starting to think it will not be returning which I am honestly sad to see it go if it is officially is finished which opens a lot of time between the seasons for me at this point so it really has started to make think and wonder what I will do between the seasons.

                  Now you are wondering what is next for this podcast after Survivor: Island of The Idols? Well if it is true that Celebrity Big Brother and Music City isn't returning then I am more then likely will be doing an pile of Off Season Podcasts for you guys even if it is every second week, I will be more then happily willing to do that and like I said on the socials I have been coming up with some new ideas that can help the podcast and it is all thanks to Eric yesterday as he gave me an idea that would be an interesting one and never know I could be doing that one in particular but we will see as usually they are picked at random when I do them. Soon as the end of the year comes and no announcement whatsoever then I will be talking about it around the 2nd of the New Year (January) to the schedule and probably will have a bunch recorded ready to go for the first week of January 2nd week of January.


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