Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Collab Coming Out Today & Power Rangers Collab Podcast Updates!

                Originally this was suppose to be out last night but we ended up holding off as the editing is taking longer then usual. It is more of a scheduling conflict this time around and it is not a procrastinating issue this time around. So it is different from that this time around. The last couple of weeks has been extremely busy for me and especially the last couple of days since recording the collab with Rocky. However it will be up today at some point and aiming for the afternoon. I need to get the collab page set for the new episode to go up as it needs to be setup on a new line and sometimes the code on this website can go funny at times where the text will go smaller then usual. Also I apologize for taking the initial announcement down yesterday because I did not want to falsely advertise that it is going up and that is not like me. I am aiming for this afternoon to actually posting it up as I think I will have enough time between now and the time I want to put it up so I am in good and I aiming around 8 or 9 pm EST to having the collab out as I need to get ready for Survivor: Island of The Idols which that podcast comes out tomorrow so I need to definitely step up my A-Game right now and get things out. If anything changes I will definitely let you guys know on social media if I do need a bit more time but I have been up nearly 12 hours now and no rest for me whatsoever. 

                  Now that the collab I did on the weekend is out of the way, I want to talk about Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as you all know it has been very, very quiet recently and as you know the studio will be undergoing some renovations to the walls and some major cleanup around the studio as well. That is only half of the issue at hand as this weekend both Larry and I will be together for the day and this weekend we were suppose to record the collaboration this weekend, however at this moment that is not happening as I am currently half way finished with the two seasons I am watching right now. I am at the tail end of the Lost Galaxy season so I am getting close to the finish officially. Once that is done I move right into Lightspeed Rescue, however with the renovations coming up, I am not sure when we will be sitting down and recording right now. This is why we will be sitting down this weekend and we will be discussing when it will happen and maybe a timeline to when it will happen. I am questioning if I can finish by end of the month and we record at the end of October before one of the boom arms is removed temporarily while the reno is happening and I will be using the second mic as I am storing away the the condenser mic so it is not damaged during the renovations so I should know more by Sunday and by Monday will be making the announcement to when to expect recording to commence again. I apologize for the inconvenience but the renovation is a priority if we wanna improve the setup here in the studio. 


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