Thursday, July 25, 2019

You Got Me, The Rest of The Summer!

            I know things did not pan out with YouTube but what the heck can you do? Since I got home, I thought things were going well honestly. Till this whole entire YouTube thing, now the podcast is back on Audio ONLY as it is just pathetic after what happened and I am now over it and fully am retired from YouTube. Anyways I am pretty all yours for the remainder of the summer. The schedule this week is a bit screwy as most of you know I am just not active on social media lately, I went M.I.A. from it all and the reason is I have been spending a good amount of time with my niece and nephew but after today I am all yours, yes my Aunt and Uncle are coming from British Columbia but I will always have time for you guys honestly. Yes I am back on Twitch on weekend streams but may do an a late night stream when my parents are away, never know! Either then that I am promising by next week to get the schedule right finally! The last week and a half has been a whirlwind of craziness with drama as you know from the previous blog late last night. I am not going anywhere and I will be definitely around my studio a lot more and ready to record twice a week and only a month left honestly of Amazing Race Canada 7 which is crazy and it will be an interesting finish as it is anyone's game honestly! 

           I promise by this weekend I will be more active on social media as I said before I have been very quiet and part of it was cause I was in one of my moods also instead of that weight loss update which now has been screwed over by the amount of food I had, I am planning a review about the Lion King movie as I just saw it yesterday with my parents, niece and nephew. So some new stuff is coming as tomorrow I wrap up the Boston trip food reviews. I am looking forward to the ton of content I have for you guys over the course of August from podcast content to new topics and ideas to talk with you guys and the occasional rant, especially with the recent stunt a certain platform pulled on me which I did discuss last night which I am certainly entitled to my opinion and I was being nice compare to Tuesday afternoon when I was entirely fired up over it. However a certain podcast that is in the pre-production stages is being planned to be streamed over on Twitch down the road once I build up my twitch audience too! More information to come in the near future once I know I am going to definitely do that! 


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