Friday, July 26, 2019

Appleby's Restaurant- Watertown, NY Food Review

          This is one of the toughest ones to actually write as I had not such a great experience. Now we mind you if you remember the post about the trip I did mention this restaurant well this is going to be the toughest one yet. So we got there, quaint place and very busy around the lunch hour but that's OK, we managed to not wait long before getting our seat. We ordered drinks and of course our food. We got our drinks and ended up waiting little over 30 minutes for food. Now that day I just wanted to get home, I was ready to get back on the road and home bound but we waited and waited. My mom and dad asked when our food and they went to check. They said it's coming and yet the food still didn't show the heck up and I was furious and losing my patience with them. I kept saying to my parents let's just walk out as enough was enough and the waiter overheard me saying that and ended up getting the manager as we felt frustrated. Manager came and said it is coming and that we wouldn't have to pay it was on them so that was really nice of him. However I wasn't remotely happy with the fact we had to wait this long for the food but in the end it is what it is.

              Now to the actual food that I had was a Quesadilla Burger with Tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, red onions. Now it tasted very good and the burger was very juicy and never had a burger on a Quesadilla and this was an all time first for me honestly. I had fries with it on the side and those were tasty, not gooey. They were nice and crispy and the the flavor was really nice too, like some pepper on the fries which gave it flavor actually. The food I'd give 5 out of 5 all day long. There was nothing clearly wrong with the food, it was more the wait that really bothers me the most of this experience. The restaurant I am giving a 3 out of 5, despite the really long wait and I was going to be giving it a 1 but being generous as we did not have to pay for the food due to this inconvenience. I probably wouldn't go back at this particular location in the town but probably wouldn't be back through that town anyways as we are not planning to go back that way right now. Like I said to conclude these food reviews, this wasn't the easiest one to write to be honest but I am glad I am able to do these reviews. Next review will be a movie review of the Lion King Movie tomorrow morning. 


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