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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

USA Trip Days 1 & 2 !

            With all the bad news out of the way, I want to talk about my trip with my parents. Days 1 and 2 was basically time in Niagara Falls Ontario, went mini golfing times 2. There was two courses, easy and hard to do so that was a ton of fun. We checked out all the different rides and the Ferris Wheel was really cool. Also got to see the falls all lit up but was on Day 2. 

     Also  went to the Butterfly Conservatory and saw an array of beautiful butterflies that my niece would actually really love. Was worth the money and visit. Also we took a drive up to Niagara on the lake and went to the town was nice to get out there and I tried Lavender cream rub on my knee which worked well and the pain was less then it was from all the walking I did there. Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow for Days 3 & 4 and little note end of the week updates will be on Saturday this week for a change but talk to you all tomorrow. 



Friday, July 26, 2019

Appleby's Restaurant- Watertown, NY Food Review

          This is one of the toughest ones to actually write as I had not such a great experience. Now we mind you if you remember the post about the trip I did mention this restaurant well this is going to be the toughest one yet. So we got there, quaint place and very busy around the lunch hour but that's OK, we managed to not wait long before getting our seat. We ordered drinks and of course our food. We got our drinks and ended up waiting little over 30 minutes for food. Now that day I just wanted to get home, I was ready to get back on the road and home bound but we waited and waited. My mom and dad asked when our food and they went to check. They said it's coming and yet the food still didn't show the heck up and I was furious and losing my patience with them. I kept saying to my parents let's just walk out as enough was enough and the waiter overheard me saying that and ended up getting the manager as we felt frustrated. Manager came and said it is coming and that we wouldn't have to pay it was on them so that was really nice of him. However I wasn't remotely happy with the fact we had to wait this long for the food but in the end it is what it is.

              Now to the actual food that I had was a Quesadilla Burger with Tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, red onions. Now it tasted very good and the burger was very juicy and never had a burger on a Quesadilla and this was an all time first for me honestly. I had fries with it on the side and those were tasty, not gooey. They were nice and crispy and the the flavor was really nice too, like some pepper on the fries which gave it flavor actually. The food I'd give 5 out of 5 all day long. There was nothing clearly wrong with the food, it was more the wait that really bothers me the most of this experience. The restaurant I am giving a 3 out of 5, despite the really long wait and I was going to be giving it a 1 but being generous as we did not have to pay for the food due to this inconvenience. I probably wouldn't go back at this particular location in the town but probably wouldn't be back through that town anyways as we are not planning to go back that way right now. Like I said to conclude these food reviews, this wasn't the easiest one to write to be honest but I am glad I am able to do these reviews. Next review will be a movie review of the Lion King Movie tomorrow morning. 


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Top Favorite Things To Do In Boston!

                I know, you thought I was finished with Boston but this is the last of these posts before we move on to other things on this blog as this week is the finishing of the trip. I told you guys there is ton of content to cover on that trip but look forward to new posts as we continue on with the podcast this summer. Anyways here is the top things on my trip:

1) Boston Tea Party- Was interesting learning about Paul Revere and the Boston Tea Party and got to be interactive with the Boston Tea Party and threw tea over the edge of the boat so that was really cool. It answered ton of questions I had in my head about Paul Revere as I heard about it days before so that really helped.

2) Salem- Learning about individuals accused of being witches. The live demonstration of how it happened, it was very interesting and the fact I was able to maneuver around to see the presentation. It was very educational and that is the reason I went on this trip is to learn some history on Boston and the surrounding area.

3) Cheers- Yes this was the actual set they filmed the television show, Cheers on TV back in the day and I got an opportunity to watch an episode and its on my list of shows to watch now as I really enjoyed episode # 1 of the first season but it neat to be there and I got a beer glass that says Cheers Boston on it and I am only going to use it when I have a beer which I will be joining my dad for one this week. 

4) Constitution and Cassin- Was really cool to actually tour a Naval boat both of em. I thought I would only gone down one level but nope went down to two levels which was cool. Then seeing a naval ship that was in the second world war against the Germans and also the Japanese at the first start when the attack on Pearl Harbor.

5) Finally on my list is Fenway Park, now you're probably going to wonder why isn't this higher in the ranks but there is no particular order really but Fenway Park I got a lot more respect for the team as before I was never a fan of Boston Red Sox but got a ton more respect for em touring. As I said in a previous post last week, I was on the Green Monstah, got to see the press box but if you wanna know more to go back to that post 

             There is the post for today, in conclusion of talking about this trip, this was my one of my favorite trip out of the one I went to. I learned a lot on this trip and it was an educational trip and it will definitely be a memorable trip to remember honestly. It was a long trip but worth all 7 days of this trip and probably will never end up in a big city again as it was a frustrating time with one way roads and the lack of signs in the city to turn off here or go here but I enjoyed it.


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Dunkin Donuts Food Review

            On today's blog, I am going to review what I thought of the Dunkin Donuts... well donuts of course! First of all I am sorry about yesterday was primarily focused on the Podcast and trying to catch up so I would be able to go live tonight. Sometimes I need to sacrifice the blog to catch up and I know you guys will understand. Anyways I went to Dunkin Donuts somewhere in the state of New York I honestly have no bleeping clue where it was so I cannot really give you guys an answer but it was one of those stops on the side of the highway honestly. Anyways I ordered a honey dip donut. The first reaction of the donut was it was so soft, so fresh and the actual glaze wasn't a mess like any other one that I have had in the past or at anywhere. It was really good and I actually had a second donut from Dunkin Donuts later on like once I got to Boston and that was good too but gooey but still regardless sooo good!  Now I never have had Dunkin Donuts and this was my first time having it ever in my entire life! The second time I went to the Dunkin Donuts I had the exact same thing and pretty much still the same results like the first time I had Dunkin so pretty much I had nothing negative to say about it honestly.

               This trip I tried a bunch of new things that I never had before and there is nothing really wrong with that honestly. That is why I went on this trip to try some new things and this year is about me trying new things and I have definitely gone above and beyond on that and so far I think it went well minus two or three negative reviews I had and I will get into that on another post. Now for the rating of Dunkin Donuts is 5 of 5 all day long! Like I said before there is nothing remotely negative to say really. Loved it and if we go back down, I'd consider going back if I wanted a sweet treat and probably end up doing their Boston Cream which is one of my other favorite donuts and will definitely try that. Either way that was the second one I did as you know that I did Arby's first but I festered up and did this one first but it is coming probably by next week set of posts that are coming as I got a pile of food reviews which will be out every 2nd day. Either way I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think of Dunkin Donuts? Leave your comment below in the comments! I will talk to you guys tomorrow with Days 3 & 4 for the Boston Trip.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Boston Trip- Days 1 & 2

              Here it is the official blog posts about the vacation. I know I did a post this morning announcing the podcast but decided to keep this post scheduled. Anyways every second day I will have a post about the trip with Food Reviews every other day till I have covered everything. So we left around 1040 am in the morning and on our way to Kingston with a stop for lunch, which I did a review on Arby's Crispy Chicken sandwich which will be coming up in the coming days, which is no particular order really as I was going to originally going to do that but either way you guys will get all the food reviews one way or another. So after lunch, we headed to the border which we had to go over the bridge which was the 1000 Islands which is beautiful. We finally arrived in the States and on our way throughout the State of New York. We actually stopped in a town called Little Falls, NY for the night. Room wasn't the greatest, the Air conditioning was loud and didn't sleep overly well that first night but it is what it is and the vacation finally started up. Not much more on the first day but traveling and being in the car all day long.

             Now onto Day 2, we were once again in the car again traveling into the state of Massachusetts an Boston which was our final destination for several days that we were staying in the State of Boston as we were there for 3 - 4 days before we headed back north of the border home. We pretty much were in the State of NY till we got to Massachusetts. Now we got to the hotel and we actually got Valet which  was the cheaper option and all we had to do really was call for the car and they would bring it around. Now the hotel, AC Hotels in Boston was a 5 star hotel and one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at honestly. I do not apparently have the images of the hotel unless it is on my phone or Instagram I'd have to check. Anyways the bathroom had a walk in shower which I have never used one in my life time and honestly the only time I probably will ever will the rest of my life so I sure got the luxury experience of a life time.  We had a heck of a time finding food but found this little Italian and Deli restaurant and I ordered a Ham sandwich which was good as that was one food review I did not do on the trip and I honestly got enough of em to cover anyways. The next trip post I do will be on Thursday here on the blog and cannot wait to continue it as tomorrow will be officially a food review from the trip.