Friday, July 19, 2019

Boston Trip Day 3, 4 & 5

          First of all on our first day of the trip, we got onto the Trolley tour and took a tour around the city to get to know Boston and it's history. We went all the way to where the Constitution and the Commie was sitting.  We actually took a tour of it which was a free as nothing is cheap when traveling but in the end it is well worth it though! Took ton of pictures and showing you guys on on the right hand side of this blog tonight since I am truly late posting this up as I had to be somewhere today. Anyways we also continued on that journey and we also saw TD Gardens where the Bruins Hockey team and Celtics Basketball team played. Now obviously I am not a fan of the Bruins, nor the Celtics as I am more a Leafs fan and also a Raptors Fan. We also looked at the Boston Tea Party which I will get to it in this post. We also went to Tasty's for dinner which a food review is coming tomorrow actually. 

              Now the 4th day consisted us looking for Fenway Park for 3 hours and we finally did find it and we also got an upgrade and got the tour on that Monday not that Tuesday which was the next day. I got to go on top of the Green Monstah as they say it in Boston, got to go to the Media booth which had a great view of the field. Also got to see the one seat where a ball flew and hit a gentleman and is also the longest ball in the park to this very date.  I have along with my dad a lot more respect for the Bo Sox which is the short form of saying Boston Red Sox. Also saw the bats from players who hit those amazing home runs with as well and we got a package with the pictures that was taken while we were there. Finally on the 4th Day we got to go to Cheers which was the original set of the TV show back in the day with Ted Danson and we had dinner and of course I had a beer in a very cool mug which you can find on my Instagram. 

                The final day I would like to cover is the trip to Salem Massachusetts an learning about the witches and the history of the people who were falsely accused of being witches and sadly were either hung or put into a jail cell. Also we did stop at a beach on the way to Salem and I found Sea shells which I did bring back about 3 or 4 of them and to give my niece and nephew one each and keep the rest for myself. I have some from PEI and now some from the East Coast in the USA. Now there was two parts to the museum: 1 the story about people being accused of being witches and what happened to them, then a walking tour of the different types of witches, good and evil like we see in the Wizard of Oz. Also while getting lost in the city of Boston, we saw Boston University, MIT, Harvard University so we got to see where the universities were by accident. Finally we got to have a look at the history of the Boston Tea party and learned the entire history and yes we got to throw some Tea overboard as well. It was a very interesting story and it really tied things up with Paul Revere whom we learned about when we were on the trolley tour on Day 3 of the trip. Anyways that is tonight's post, tomorrow is the Tasty's food review and Sunday will be the final part of the Boston trip. Still got a pile of reviews to come every second day so stay on the lookout for that as I got together a ton of blogging content while I was gone, trip wise and non trip wise as well! 


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