Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tasty's Burger Food Review In Boston

             This is one of the 2 reviews did not get a very good rating but I am going to try and make it positive. We were originally suppose to go to another burger joint, however that changed as we decided to go to tasty's. Now it is a very nice quaint place honestly and I had water with also a chocolate shake which was very yummy. Now I had a burger with no tomato yet they put a tomato on it anyways so I just said the heck with it I will remove it as not always I like to have tomatoes on my burger from time to time.  The next thing is my burger was a little over cooked as it was crunchy a bit as i normally like mine done not burnt nor rare like Mid rare is the way I like my burgers normally. The final thing that really did bother me was the fact the fries were soggy as we got the half and half half fries, half onion rings but I technically wanted to try the hush puppies for the very first time as I never tried it but apparently that wasn't an option at the time.  The onion rings were very good and tasty and yes they are normally greasy but I actually did enjoy those. I know I wasn't overly happy with the experience. I should of just done the hush puppies, I probably be giving it one more star then that I gave it but its mid right in the middle.

             With saying that, I have to give em 3 out of 5 this time and if we ever go back, I probably will not be back to a Tasty's down there but I think I am going to pass on going back if that was the case but I do give the server A as he was really good and I understand the chefs were busy but it would of been nice to have a little quality control on the food and overall wasn't the greatest experience overall for me and wish I could give em more of  better rating but unfortunate I had to do this and is one of 2 not overly great experience with the restaurant while I was out there but majority of the places we ate were very good but you will always have at least one of two bad places but that is today's food review. I wasn't too pleased but in the end it is what it is. Trust me, the last food review in the bunch I did out in the States will be a doozy and I am dreading talking about it but that is why I am leaving it for last technically but it will definitely not be a fun one to write indeed.  


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