Friday, October 25, 2019

What Is The Real Plan After Everything About Reality TV Ends?

            I know I have spoken about this before I was part of PRCB (Punk Rock Cheeseburger) Podcast that I would be taking a break from running my own Podcast and yes that is indeed the plan to take a break from running my own Podcast but there is now more to it now then there was 4 months ago when I made the first initial post about this way back and here is the plan:

  • To take a break from running my own podcast as it has taken a lot out of me honestly and I am quite exhausted from it still as I have been going non stop all the way up to September when I had a week to a week and half off which wasn't enough as you know I am planning to take a bit of a extended break unless Amazing Race 32 comes on in the New Year but I highly doubt it but we will have to wait and see
  • I will be continuing on with the Power Rangers Podcast as I or Larry have no plans on stopping that podcast right now as it has become a very popular podcast on my website only and has done extremely well over the course of the last year. 
  • The next point I would like to make is I am going to continue to be involved with Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast each week so I am still podcasting but I am involved both Behind The Scenes, Co-Owner role and also as the Co-Host as the podcast so you can still expect to hear me on the podcast every week with the odd week off from to time.
  • Also I want to continue on going to events with my dad and blogging about it. I also want to do a food reviews as they come as I have really enjoyed doing them and there is some coming up in January with Larry and I.
  • Finally, I would like to say this, you probably can start seeing me stream a bit more on Twitch but PRCB, Collab Podcasts and the website/blog will still be a priority to me but I hope to eventually start streaming and hopefully gaining some new listeners and start re-building my fan base once again for you guys.

                   So there is the plan on what I want to do with myself after my podcast is finished it's what has become an amazing run and there will be other projects that I am sure I am going to involved with and I got more plans then you know it as I have spoken to individuals about stuff and we will be working on that but that will be definitely in the very nearby future. 


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