Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Everything About Reality TV & Collaboration Podcasts Intro's Re-Done!

            As you probably noticed with Everything About Reality TV Podcast for the foremost as you know by the recent podcasts I have completely changed Everything About Reality TV Podcast around in the way of intros. Before it had my voice as part of the intro but now it has Rocky Bones voice as the voice of the podcast before you hear my narly voice on the microphone and I shouldn't really put myself down honestly. However it is a nice change and he volunteered to help and I asked him to do the VO (Voice Over) work for me and honestly it sounds very wicked to be honest. That was only the start of things honestly as that was not the only intro that got the over haul over the last month but the collaboration Podcast also got an overhaul and trust me you will hear it in December when Power Rangers Podcast returns to the airwaves exclusively here on the website. Right now I am going to be keeping quiet what it sounds like as I am the only one plus Rocky that know what it sounds like and I have to play em for Larry this weekend as I forgot to last time he was here visiting. 

              Change is good and CBOTW is growing and this year has been one hell of a year for us with me being part of PRCB (Punk Rock Cheeseburger). I think the change of the intros was probably the best move for me honestly. It was time for a new voice for the podcast and this way you guys hear me once and lik I said Rocky volunteered it so I guess hes part of CBOTW in a way honestly. He's like our voice over artist I guess so to speak and trust me the collaboration podcast intro you guys will really like when you hear but you have to be patient for at least one more month till Larry and I sit down and get moving on the collaboration which I should have an update by then for you guys so be sure to stay tuned for when that comes out and plus Larry and I have a few surprises for you guys in 2020 as well. :P


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