Sunday, October 20, 2019

Bowmanville Apple Festival 2019

         Yesterday my parents and I went to the
Bowmanville Apple Festival which is an usual event that I go to on a yearly basis. So we say vendors with Honey, apples which had all kinds of Apples, golden delicious, MacIntosh Apples and so on. Also it has jumping castle for the kids and speaking of which they also had a Merry-Go Round for the kids. However there was no Ferris Wheel whatsoever and normally they have a Ferris Wheel but this year there was absolutely no wheel this year which I find it really off like I said there is a Ferris wheel normally. Anyways the one place I did not see there and they are always there each festival is Tyrone Mills and this year they were not there so that is a question I cannot answer is where they were this year.  I was disappointed as I was thinking of grabbing a donut from their booth this year as they make the best donuts ever

                So another thing I noticed is the lack of food vendors and I knew someone that I worked with when I did my High School placement he had a hot dog vendor my dad and I went to but the Toasted Walnut was there outside. The Member of Parliament who is going to try and get re-elected to office tomorrow actually and he was there actually so it was neat to meet the Bowmanville Member of Parliament and seems like a really nice guy. There others who are running were there too and I have my thoughts and feelings about seeing politicians campaigning but again I understand why. Final few things I would like to even mention is I ran into my aunt which is always nice to see family and we didn't know she was going to be there but family does mean a lot to me honestly. Overall we had a good time and looking forward to the next event.


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