Saturday, October 19, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Updates AGAIN and More!

                I know, so many updates!  So much has happened for Chris B On The Web! From the additions to Everything About Reality TV to stuff pulled out for now or has been cancelled as it is just unknown what the status is one some of em. This is why I am making this post to confirm the plans for the rest of this year and 2020 as stuff has indeed gotten crazy for me but not just for me but Steven as well as he's now agreed to 2 shows on the line-up so the line-up for "Everything About Reality TV Podcast" looks like this:

Current Shows Covered:

  • Survivor (Currently Covering The Current Season of Survivor with Yours Truly, Chris)
  • Big Brother (Will be returning in 2020 for Season 22 with a New Host Hopefully)
  • Big Brother Canada (Will be returning in 2020 for Season 8 with a New Host Hopefully)
  • Amazing Race (With Yours Truly, Chris)
  • Amazing Race Canada (With Yours Truly, Chris)
On Hold:

  • Celebrity Big Brother- Not sure if a season 3 is in the works or not right now so it is under the "On Hold" Category but if it came back then the new host would take over. 
  • Music City CMT- No confirmation on this as well as we do not know if it is coming back for a 3rd season as well but keep on hoping and I would take the reigns of this series again.


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