Friday, October 18, 2019

Not Sure What To Expect For January!

          I am not sure what I can expect for January 2020 as everything seems to be a huge fuzz for me with being unsure of Celebrity Big Brother US Season 3 or Music City CMT is coming back and that leaves in a gap for the podcast. Now I know with the newest host of the podcast and with the rumors now true that Hell's Kitchen is coming back that could fill in the void in the New Year possibly. Yet again we have to find out when Hell's Kitchen Recaps start in the New Year to be exact so there might be time off for us but that is totally unsure at the moment but I just do not know what to expect podcast wise and we are planning on podcast to introduce Steven to you guys and it will be the first time you will hear his voice on the podcast. However again that is going to be tough to when it will go up as I just do not know when I can put it up is the question but I think I am going to still record it and put it on standby folder and when I get the chance I can post it up or it can also be a mid week podcast but maybe this will be for a time for Steven and I to discuss. However I need to get him all setup and ready to go for his Podcast as well so there is work to be done between now and then. I know in the next few weeks I will be working with him to set it up and testing it and showing him the ropes how to so there is stuff that I can do. But the main concern what will be aired on the Podcasts Feed in January. I just do not know what to say right now and I think I am just over thinking things right now.

              I should really have a plan in tact for the New Year and maybe what I may just do is not be involved but let him do a podcast to introduce himself and what he expects from the next season of Hell's Kitchen and I think he will be the one to do that and it could be between the Survivor Recaps and I am going to definitely talk to him about it and what ideas he has to get prepared for the upcoming season of Hell's Kitchen 19 come 2020. I'm sure he will be doing a couple of podcasts before he starts the actual recaps so there will be discussions with him before. So I am just not going to plan anything ahead but there's ton of stuff to do to get ready for January that I just cannot even tell you guys what I am wanting to do as Steven and I really cannot say anything right now what the plan or what we are to expect in January. I think for right now we are just going to play things by ear for now and when January comes closer then that is the right time to make the decision what will happen between the seasons but I promise I will let you guys know what the plan is when we know more.


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