Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Day I Shaved A Line In My Head (Throwback Thursday Story)

             This is kind of a silly and stupidest thing I really ever have done eve in my life. So what did I do exactly? Well I decided to shave a big line on my head making me look utterly ridiculous.  Why did I do this honestly? I know and realize now it was probably the stupidest thing I could of done to myself.  Anyways I kind of was inpatient with my mom and started to throw threats I was going to shave my head bald, etc etc. I was definitely in one of my moods that day and I wasn't having it that day and I was really not in the greatest mood that day and I do not know why, but maybe I was just stressed out at the time? That could of been the problem but who knows! I think it had to do with the way I wanted my hair done as I like it to be done. Anyways it is what it is and my mom knows this it is my hair and how I want it done. So I plugged in the razor and just took it to the middle of my head so I had a bald line. Yes it was right down to the scalp of my head. I had to wear hat non stop for weeks and I was embarrassed on what I did to myself and nobody knew but once the month was up I did eventually post up a picture but I think since then I have deleted that image as I couldn't find it whatsoever. 

                To be honest, I love my mom and she's been a big supporter of my endeavors along with my dad, we were just having one of our moments having a disagreement on something which all family does from time to time honestly. My family means the most to me is a big priority. Now would of happened if I did shave everything off go bald? My friends would of definitely be wondering what in the world I would be done to myself honestly. It was definitely stupidity  when I did this and I wish I never did this to myself to be honestly and in the end I regret doing this to myself honestly as it was dumb thing to do honestly and I have a lot of regrets doing that to myself now and it is what it is now and I am going to learn from this and not do something that crazy and dumb. I know we all do something we shouldn't have and regret doing it like I did. I have done stupid things in my life that I totally regret some of it as some of it wasn't fault.... cough cough falling down that hill and breaking my wrist I Elementary School which I have told you guys the story. But other things was cause of my stupidity, falling on the stairs or on the ground or wiping out or punching the beam of the wall breaking my hand, all my entire fault.... LOL. However shaving a line in my head that was entirely my own fault and I should of not done that and not gone to that extreme.


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