Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Power Rangers Podcast OFFICIAL Announcement

          It is no secret why my sleep schedule is being weird, I have been in bed early and up around midnight to work all night long with the Power Rangers Podcast so with that I am aiming for December but something could change if I fall so behind but I hope not as the next couple of weeks will be crucial to me getting this done. However it comes down to me not being ready by December then we will have to re schedule till the New Year but we hope it will not end up this way and I know I have to watch the next season still so I have to compensate for the time I watch the show and the time I type up the notes. However I think with these long overnights I will be working non stop on the notes so these nights will indeed be worth all the stress and what not with it. As you all know that announcement has been made for those who haven't seen it and I had it up on the pinned post but here is the announcement it is coming back but like I said I hope its December when we get together and if I can get to record mid December that would be good too and if I go on a tear over the next couple of days in the way of content then definitely will be on the right path hence I was on all night long getting things done.

            So we are aiming towards December but again it comes down to me getting all of this done in time and we will be up for recording in December so come later in December I can start working on the next one for June 2020 which would be the next one. So yes after a very long time being very quiet with this podcast and not saying anything, it is back in December. I really wanted to say something to you guys but I had to keep my mouth shut with it. Yes I admit to there was a bit of a situation with Larry but we worked it all out and we are now back in business with it. Sometimes it is better to keep quiet then say something to you guys. Trust me I really wanted to say something but I just didn't wanna say anything or dis-spell the rumor that we were going to cancel it as I just did not know what the status of it and honestly this is the first time Larry and I have had a fight in a very long time in about 3 years now. Friendships do have fights and I am glad him and I worked out and were gearing up for the next one. Final thing is the reason why we are waiting a month and a half is because of the studio renovations going on next month so the studio will not have the entire setup as I am taking down one of the mics in a week Sunday so that is the reasoning behind that but if it wasn't for the reno we would definitely been in November sometime but that is not the case but it is what it is and were back in December with another episode!


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