Monday, November 4, 2019

Semi-Retired From Streaming!

             I know you guys haven't seen me live for over a month now and it has been a long time since I've casted on my own channel and obviously still co-host after PRCB is recorded on the "After Dark's" however we haven't been live. So I guess at this moment, I am just semi-retired from Streaming minus the "After Darks" that I have done but again not sure what the plan is this week yet if I am planning to be on the podcast or not. More then likely am but we will see what this week brings but either way I still cast but it is more of a co-host but still its a cast. So it is a semi retirement but still active around the community and a big part of Punk Rock Cheeseburger. So I am not fully retired so technically the title I think is clickbait title... SMH! I honestly streaming is not as important but I do stream with Rocky on an almost week basis. My primary focus and always will be the podcasts and with Twitch being second on the list but like I said I am a Co-Host role more. As for the Chris985 account on Twitch, I only use it for listening to shows on Twitch on an almost regular basis and I do follow a ton of different people too.

           I think this is the best decision for me to not stream and plus I have been trolled left right and center on the website but letting it bother me no more and there is something planned for PRCB and I want to wait and yes Twitch is involved and like I said I am on weekly on PRCB and that's it. I am dedicated to being on his stream once a week and honestly I am happy about it. I mean not just happy but I am OK with this change and I wanted to try and get away from streaming a bit more and to be a co-host or guest on Rocky's stream, I am really happy with it. I know we haven't been streaming Friday night "After Dark's" as we both have been a bit busy lately but we are going to get back to it. As you can see on the screen cap I posted on the post here to the title of the post for today, I changed it as I am technically Semi-retired from streaming as I said above. Why did I do this? Well I think it is more suitable that it says that I am semi retired not fully retired from streaming. It was the wrong idea and honestly the original title felt very clickbait for a title. I honestly do not want to be know for being a click baiter so that is why I changed the title and very quickly. So that is what is going on with me streaming and that entire thing about me streaming even to FB Fan Page, more then likely it will not happen at all. 


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