Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Blog & Team Updates

             I keep forgetting that Larry has author privileges here on the website and I just looked and he is still author here so I should get him to post here and there and we will have something to blog about in the New Year as we are planning on going to Popeyes for Lunch and doing a Food Review for you guys and I have been saying this for the longest time now but it will be done for sure.  Larry doesn't always have to post but like I have told him in the past he has that privilege to write and he hasn't yet but he probably has totally forgotten he has the privilege. Not sure what he would blog about but we have a couple of ideas on our mind and they are:

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker- Review  the movie with no spoilers as that is what we are not that kind of website or blog that spoils the movie for you guys but that can be on the list for him to review, even myself, we both can do a review.
  • Food Reviews- We are planning to do some food reviews together. We have like I said Pop Eyes on the list, I have Five Guys Burgers, Mr. Burger, Starr Burger so we have a few places in mind for the New Year and they will be even out on a Monthly basis for a while but we wanna do some.         

            Both him and I will do a review together and this was his idea for the website so I am very excited to see what is brought to the website and I am sure excited to be bringing some newer content to the website especially. We got the podcasts and now we got a bunch of content on the website but Larry is just the start and I am sure we will be adding a bunch of new stuff and we will definitely have to put a schedule together so this way we are not crossing paths with posts but we will all meeting discussing this soon to what we want to do. So exciting stuff for the website and like I said this is only the start for us! Also I am moving my blog posts to 12 Noon EST for now on. Finally the team page is returning soon!


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