Sunday, November 3, 2019

Plans For Chris B On The Web's 5 Year Anniversary!

           If you haven't been keeping tabs in the last few years well this year marks 5 years ago since CBOTW (Chris B On The Web) is turning 5 and YOU guys the fans can get involved with this year celebrations and probably a ton more to come on that day and you never know. I got a bunch of ideas and I will talk about it on today's blog post and an announcement is coming but here is what is planned for the 5 year Anniversary for Chris B On The Web:
      1) The first thing I would like to mention that YOU GUYS, will be involved with the anniversary and this is strictly you guys as I have planned to not involve any ex staff but I will be talking to em in case they want to contribute but mainly going to involved you guys with making a video and again details are coming up on the social media later on today when I get a chance to record the video for social medi

      2) I am planning a luncheon with some of my former staff, not sure who will be available but I am sure Larry will be able to be there so at least one of us but planning to see if Eric and Justin wanna join in to the festivities and I will be talking to all 3 of the guys this week to see if they are interested in doing something like this to celebrate which more then likely it will not be on the exact day but whatever day they are available we will be doing this get together for Lunch and celebrating. 

       3) I may do a cast with Larry but again that is really up in the air right now as we do not know what the plan is or if we want to do that but there is ideas but I highly doubt it as I do not really want to make a big deal over it honestly but again that is all up in the air and if that was the case probably over on Periscope and yes I have had problems over there but able to make an account so I must of been unbanned and not known that but again I am not sure at this moment what we wanna do to be honest, it could be on the Facebook Fan Page for Chris B On The Web.

          There is what is planned but not planning to do all 3 for the most part 3 of it but never know may do a small FB Live even while we are out at lunch with all 3 of us I can do a small FB Live and we can all chat and what not but what I would like to achieve is to actually get 2 out of the 3 done at the most. Please do stay tuned to social media this week as I probably will know a ton more. Finally I apologize for no Royal Winter Fair Post this year as I didn't have the media pass with me this year but will make it up to you guys soon!



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