Saturday, November 10, 2018

What Is Life Like Now Since YouTube?

              I can say, the last 2 years hasn't been easy with trying to rebuild Chris B On The Web. The switch over from YouTube to podcasting and blogging it wasn't easy and today things are much better then it has been. I admit the first year and a half has been tough and not easy with scheduling being off from here and there. But now it is completely different as in the last week or so I have been on schedule for once especially with the Last Man Standing catching up with the those podcasts but I managed to get it done in a quickly and timely matter. I use to not utilize a timetable, a schedule or calendar and each and every week I am getting better at posting up a podcast on schedule but still room for improvement but I am starting to get there. However with the Power Rangers Podcast I am right on schedule to when it is time to record em which mind you there is an announcement next week with the schedule for the Power Rangers Podcasts from here on out to the end of the Zordon era. Anyways kind of getting off topic I'm proud of myself to how far I've come with the podcasts, blogs which mind you I am getting near my 500th blog post already and I just haven't said much about it but definitely getting close to it.

               Now compare to before, I actually got time to myself in the day. I mean I actually have days where I am not working on anything to a point I got the day to myself. Sometimes I will play video games or I will watch my TV Shows that I need to catch up so I have been making time for myself now and I get out more in the public for bus rides or spend time with friends like Larry or Justin or Dave. I will talk about friendships next week at some point. I do get time off between podcasts, blogs but I sometimes have nothing else to do. Now when it came to the Autism Celebration that is when I am on a busy schedule or events in general. Events I have tweaked the events I go to each and every year and I seem to really like the schedule I am on at this point. I really enjoying going to the events locally and in Toronto, I love the fact I get to wear my tag to represent this site I have built so well since the 000webhost catastrophe in the last 4 years and yes I realize the 4 year birthday is coming up and I will talk about it when it hits next Wednesday.  In closing to this blog post that is all over the place so to speak I am really enjoying life now. I got more time on my hands as YouTube took too a lot of my time up with planning out videos but it was fun while it lasted and I prefer Podcasting and blogging over YouTube plus on top of the YouTube adpocolypse, family friendly content this was the right move. It's like us the content creators do not get the freedom to create like we did before all of this happened.


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