Sunday, November 11, 2018

Which Show Will I Watch After Big Brother Canada and Power Rangers Turbo?

              As most of you know I have been watching Big Brother Canada from Season 1 to 6 before the next season comes out in the spring, so I am preparing ahead of the next season. What show will I be watching next after I am finished well right now I am working on both Big Brother Canada and Power Rangers and I am not far off from finishing Power Rangers Turbo to start typing up notes for for the podcast but after both of those what is the plan next for me? Well I plan on watching and binge watching Last Man Standing up to the point of working on Power Rangers In Space as well but Last Man Standing is on the list and I covered it on The Last Man Standing Recap Podcasts on The CBOTW Show that I need to get more familiarized with the show as at times when I do record, I still struggle with who is who on the show so that is why I am making it a priority to get familar with the show and when it is done between the holidays and New Year I will have more time to watch em back to back to back and get to know the characters on the show much better then I do now. Maybe just maybe I will get more into the show as I find myself struggling with The Last Man Standing Recap Podcasts right now this is why I want to make the move to get familiarized with the show and I actually starting to understand the timeline of events during the show and when Boyd came in especially and which of Mike's 3 girls had Boyd which i never knew who it Kristen that had him so it answers my questions in my head and the most recent episode of Season 7 which is what I am recapping currently.

               I may in the New Year in January or February I will be watching Power Rangers In Space before recording in April the final Power Rangers in the Zordon era which then there will be a hiatus between recordings as I want to focus on the other recaps I am doing but I will talk more about it in a new post another day some point of this week as a new week has started. I am enjoying the show's earlier seasons and have time as I have watched a couple of the episodes already but put it on hold as I am working on Big Brother Canada and finishing that up first before working on that and also Power Rangers Turbo which time is starting to tick away. After Last Man Standing? Who knows! I may watch every Apprentice Eh vlogs on YouTube for all I know but who really knows I haven't gotten that far yet as I just started Last Man Standing and finishing up other shows. Yes I realize I got 3 of them on the go at once right now.. ha ha.


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