Saturday, January 12, 2019

Weight Loss Update (Sat. Jan 12th, 2019)

            After being sick with the Flu around Christmas, I lost 4 pounds within the couple of days that I was sick so it wasn't the way I wanted to lose the weight but since there I have maintained around 223 to 222 pounds and this morning I weighed exactly 223 pounds at this point of time which is amazing I am able to maintain. Mind you just 2 days ago I weighed 223.8 pounds but have since lost those ounces in my weight so I am officially down 0.8 ounces at this point. Like I said before, I was up a bit from the amount of weight. Now day or so after I was feeling better I was down to 221 pounds which I haven't been down there for a very long time and I mean a long time I haven't been down there for the longest time in months and I kind of stopped at 221 pounds and ended up gaining a tad bit back which isn't a good thing. 

            Moving forward, I am planning to definitely on working had to losing more weight getting below 220 pounds. My first goal is to get myself down to 210 pounds as is my next weight goal then I move on to the next goal, then the next goal but one step at a time and I plan on not rushing losing the weight fast whatsoever. I need to take it one step at a time but I like the fact that my pants now fit me but some shirts do not fit me right now but soon enough I will be able to fit into shirts that never fit me before which will definitely be nice. 

              How the heck do I lose the weight? I lower the amount of sugar I have everyday, I also am eating much healthier and lowering down the calorie count to 1800 calories per day and not everyday I have bread I usually have bread every second day as of right now. I just don't even think about having even a slice of bread a day which I allow myself 2 slices once a week but I just do not think about it for some bizarre reason.  Either way I am going to work extremely hard to lose the weight and get at a healthy weight not being obese anymore and I mean every word of it, I will lose this weight. I am not going to give up whatsoever on this weight loss journey. 


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