Friday, January 11, 2019

My Sleep Is Really Weird Right Now!

              My sleep right now is beyond nuts.... I am right now getting 3 - 4 hours a night and up at either 1230 am, 1 or 130 am or 2 am EST which means I am up half the night and I really need to get this insanity under control as I need to get my regular sleep back. What do I mean about this. Recently since I got some sleep back during the night due to when I had the flu bug which as you know I was in bed non stop and sleeping tons during the day time. Think that is one of the reasons why my sleep is really out of sync right now is my body is trying to tell me to sleep at night.... But I have only either had 3 - 5 hours of sleep every night so it isn't good at all. If you wonder what I do is this... I catch up on CBOTW work, prep for podcasts, write the daily blog posts that you have seen for the past 11 days straight as I am on a 31 day blog challenge at the moment. The fact I end up napping in the morning for 3 - 4 hours hurts my sleep at night. As I was at at 1130 pm last night and up majority of the night, I need to force myself to stay up all day with no sleep in order to correct this sleep issue and that is my plan for today as I have been up most of the day so far and I am planning to stay up as you know today is Music City RECAP day and I need to edit the podcast and ready to release to you guy guys. I can say at night I seem to be a night hawk and it is actually the time I am most productive here in the studio but still I need to still have a regular sleep schedule.

              Hopefully if I can stay awake the rest of the day, I will be sleeping well tonight and hopefully this corrects things where I can finally sleep right through the night and maybe I will be up at 4 or 430 in the morning which mind you is a lot better then what I mentioned above as it is ridiculous, beyond ridiculous  being up this early in the morning but I guess it is part of being a podcaster and blogger, it comes with the territory of being a content creator. Gotta always be on my feet at all time, not literally! lol. I know for someone that has been up all night, I still get the work done and I try and make the best of my time if worse comes to worse and if I do not have any work to do which isn't usually the case with me but if I don't have any work to do I usually will play some video games on my spare time from time to time.


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