Thursday, January 10, 2019

Final Thoughts on Life Is Strange Video Games

                It has been quite some time since I finished Life Is Strange like a month or 2 now and it is time to do a blog review of the game.  I can admit I have never once played a Life Is Strange video game, this is the first one and I got into this game from another podcaster and Twitch streamer after watching them I got the game on Steam and played it right through and majority of the game I streamed over on my Twitch channel which I have not streamed for a very long time as my schedule has been extremely busy but that is for another day on another blog post. I made the wrong choices on the game and that was my intentions from the start of the game I was going to make the wrong decisions and no matter what I did I did I ended up getting Chloe's character expelled from school either way or. When I got into this game, I had no idea what I was about to get into nor I knew how long the game would be but only 3 episodes plus the bonus. What do I mean by bonus. I got the DLC for the game which was only a little bit more of money. I do admit I got stuck in one of the chapters of the story but I did not give up at all. There is a learning curve but the fact I watched someone else play the game did help me a bit which I never did with the Walking Dead video game but even YouTube or Twitch helps with playing through a game as long as I understand how to beat level after level that is what matters. 

                 This game was very interesting story line throughout the game. I actually really like the game and plan on playing older versions of the game, the earlier versions. It is not a very long game but the story line lasts long enough per chapter so even with 3 chapters it is still a lengthy video game and I do not mind the length of the episodes. Some of the streams last hour to 2 hours with just one chapter which is good it fills up the time I am live on the air on Twitch. I highly recommend this game if you enjoy games with a story and where you have to make a choice. Yes choices may be tough but this game sure as heck make you think and I like the fact I had to think I really enjoyed it.

                   What is next since I finished this game? Well down the road, I do plan on actually planning to play the previous Life Is Strange video games and you know never know I may end up streaming it on my spare time or the other option for me is play it on my spare time but either way I do plan on playing the video game down the road along with other video games on my list which in a couple of days, I do plan on doing an updated list of what games I would like to play but the other Life is Strange video games is most definitely on my list as I really enjoyed Life Is Strange: Before The Storm and I think I am going to get it either this month or next month at the most and do stay tuned as I am planning to do more video game reviews down the road.


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