Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Chris B On The Web Podcasts Timeline (Updated)

              Today's blog post, I am going to cover the entire 9th, 10th Season. Yes I realize on here, the website I have a partial schedule for Season 11 of the Podcast but I am not going to cover that season as of yet as the schedule is very much open but I've developed a timetable for that. Also please note I have put into the schedule for Music City up to April as I do not know when the finale is and it is very much early in the season for it to end. Without further ado here is the timetable looks like:

January - February 2019:

The CBOTW Show- Music City, Season 2: Friday's @ 6 pm EST

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US Season 2: Schedule varies please go to  for the entire schedule as the days do change. Podcasts will be out 1 - 2 times a week.

Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Edge of Extinction: Thursdays @ 8 pm EST (Starting Feb 15th with Preview Podcast)

March - Mid May 2019:

The CBOTW Show- Music City, Season 2: Friday's @ 6 pm EST (Currently Scheduled into end of March)

Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Edge of Extinction: Thursdays @ 8 pm EST 

Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada Season 7: Fridays @ 8 pm EST

                    This is a solid schedule this season and looks good. In my head I can be really honest it seemed so complicated at this time last year but this year I actually made things work out this year and I was worried it wouldn't work out with an actual Live schedule but this year was about growing the podcast and exactly that is what I am doing as I pulled away from the Live show idea as I wasn't sure on it.  I am excited to start more podcasts but right now I am currently on a weekly schedule but soon to be changing as I am getting geared up for more podcasts.


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