Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Got A Feeling Degrassi: The Next Class Will Not Be Back

         I know I did a post about this a while ago, but it has been a while since an update or me bringing this topic up but I just do not know if Degrassi: The Next Class or any kind of Degrassi will be back. It has been almost 2 years since a season aired on Netflix and Family Channel. Right now it is currently still on hiatus and it is not sure if the show will continue on or not. I know executive producers said they have already been brainstorming ideas for Seasons 5 and 6 so they are working on it but the brainstorming and planning could of been wrapped up by now and they are waiting on renewal. If you're wondering where I get this source, you can Google search it for yourself but it has been on hiatus for almost nearly 2 years as of this July so I am starting to wonder if it will continue now or not. Now the actors and actresses have grown up and wondering how they can use them in the series down the road. A lot of the cast has grown up now so it may be difficult but I am sure production does know what their doing and they sure can somehow work it into the story line as well.

            I know Degrassi has been around since the late 70's with the Kids of Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High, Degrassi: The Next Generation and of course Degrassi The Next Class. It has been on air for a long time and I think it will not be going anywhere anytime soon as there are other networks and services the show can be aired on and I am sure Linda and Stephen will find another network to air it on as the show has been a huge success  for many years now and even the older editions of the show are still popular to this day. My question is why it has taken Netflix this long to decide to renew the series or not and why it has been on this hiatus this long. I am happy the fact they have been in the brainstorming stages to planning the future of the show and they are one step ahead getting ready for the future seasons to come. 

               However, I got a gut feeling that the show is not in the plans to return as right now it's all on Netflix to renew the series. Yes you have the company that produces and films the show but you have to remember for people to see the show it has to be on a network, for example when The Next Generation was out, CTV was the original network it was on up to the later seasons 12 or 13 and on and there is plenty of Canadian Networks up here it can definitely air on. I hope it does continue but if it doesn't it has been a great run it's had since it returned in 2001 and yes I am trying to stay positive and optimistic while the hiatus is on going. You have to remember it's been on air since 2001 so it would be going on 18 years in the fall.


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