Monday, January 7, 2019

What Do I Think About General Motors Closing Down End of This Year....

              As a resident in a city that has a General Motors Plant here and know that there is like 2,522 people out of work at the end of this year which is not good as people are going to be losing their jobs which really going to hurt. I know I have gone off on here about the job searching has not been an easy task for me. GM has been around for a long time, since 1918 which was founded by McLaughlin. Anyways I was just looking up and apparently not all the plants are closing just happens to be the one here in my city here which still it really stinks this is happening as there will be and I'm sure there is unhappy people right now. It is really ridiculous honestly. Good news the other 2 plants we have are remaining open. However 4 plants in the US are closing down as well so we are not the only ones affected by this. Yes there are plants down there too, I feel bad but this hasn't been strong as years ago we lost our truck plant here and now the entire plant is shutting down. I sure as heck wonder what will go there or if they will just tear down the buildings or someone else will occupy it. Also note there is a railway that goes into the building property which mind you the tracks will end up rusting away when the plants shut down at the end of this year. there is a Save GM campaign going on and I am not sure how that is going to save it but I know first thing the city council did as soon as the new Councillors and Mayor were sworn in, they talked about GM closing down and what they can do. I know Durham College is going to help them find new work or training which is good the college is willing to help out.

                 What is my opinion on this? I think it is ridiculous. I mean it's not easy enough for those who are looking for work to find work but to have their jobs taken away whom have worked for 10 - 30 years or more and will have to look elsewhere for work or an early retirement depending how long they have been working. Like I said above what about the buildings? They will sit there empty unless someone buys the property to build something or another car company that could take over like Toyota or Honda or even Ford could be another option but we do not know yet and we will find out in time. I do feel bad for those who are going to be affected and there is nothing we can do but I didn't think it would happen like this, it is ridiculous the job world is struggling like this but not only the car industry but the retail world too. Another post for another day but it is really sad to see something that has been part of my local community is slowly disappearing that has been around for 100 years. 


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