Sunday, January 6, 2019

2019 Has Been Great So Far!

                This year has so far been great as this year as things have been progressing very well. Last week, I recorded 3 podcasts within 24 hours to go up Friday night, tonight and Wednesday as well. Just another amazing start to podcasting in 2019. My moods have been a lot better then 2018 with dealing with the negativity and drama from certain people. This year is the year of change for me and I have already taking everything into effect minus the diet part hasn't fully started yet but will be in the coming days for me where I will be back on the diet officially. I am taking one step at a time with making changes in my life as I do not want to rush into things too fast and get myself overwhelmed.  As for changes with Chris B On The Web, I have given up the fact of trying to do my podcasts live as it time and time again failed. I haven't given up on the domain which I can say as of right now I am waiting for the domain to be released as that is why I went entirely "Radio Silent" on the domain side of things but I will ensure you it will be connected to this blogging website which I have grown the last 4 - 5 months now which is incredible. I am currently sitting 16.5K in views on the site alone and it's insane people actually read and listen to my content. This year The CBOTW Show will be seeing a bit more action as you know I am currently covering Music City, Season 2 on top of Power Rangers Podcasts & eventually if Hell's Kitchen returns next fall that is on the list already.  I plan on expanding on that podcast and growing that one as well. I am thinking about this and not sure if you guys would like to see it but I was thinking about covering Master Chef Canada. My ultimate goal this year is to cover TV Show's that are current and active on TV. An announcement on the changes to Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show is coming this week at some point.

                 This year is the year of changes for me. Friendships changing a bit since I lost a few friends last year, growing my podcasts further, get the domain back, Try to grow my followers on Twitter & Instagram. There is still a lot to do from here on out but it's a challenge I won't give up on as I work hard on it each and everyday. I know I can handle the pressure a lot more then I use to and I am getting my scheduling woes better and that is one other thing I am aiming to do this year is mend the scheduling woes but watching the show on the day it comes out and recording early in the morning even if I only get 4 - 5 hours a sleep I will make sure I am always on track with the podcast. This year has been off to a good start for me and I hope to keep things going this way from here on out.


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