Saturday, January 5, 2019

YouTube Vs. Instagram TV, Which One Do I Prefer?

               I haven't really talked about this but it came up talking to a friend about this idea and as you all know I have been very active on Instagram TV and people seem to really enjoy my posts on there from time to time. Mind you I am not overly active on there but try to post when I have ideas for videos but I try to be active as much as I can. You all know I was a YouTuber for many, many years from 2008  - 2016 up to my retirement from YouTube and haven't looked at going back anytime soon. This brings me into today's blog post YouTube Vs. Instagram, which one do I prefer? There is a lot of answers to that as you know I did many years on YouTube and I honestly failed as a YouTuber in my opinion as my channel in the end completely went dead. The Entertainment Man Talk Show ended, all I was really doing after the series was Podcasts called "Everything About Reality TV" which you can find on Audio ONLY to this day and also I was vlogging my life which wasn't very interesting honestly to you guys but you seem to tune in to my vlogs either way. I do admit The Entertainment Man Talk Show series was struggling. But now I am back making videos on Instagram TV to what I'm up to, studio tours when things are updated. 

              The difference with having viewers are different between the two, YouTube it is a hard grind to get the subscribers as with Instagram the followers you have, they will be notified when a video is up and I currently got 98 followers and closing in to finally breaking 100, more then I actually saw on YouTube, the most subs I ever got was around 38 subscribers and I actually did break that number ages ago as I became more and more active and I am near 800 photos on the main part of Instagram which is crazy to actually think. I really like Instagram TV as it has more of a chance of followers seeing my videos. YouTube algorithm isn't overly great since YouTube adpocolypse and family friendly. You know I really did consider going back to YouTube for Everything About Reality TV Podcast but I kept on reminding myself with the stuff going on. Also the fact I retired from YouTube that decision to not return is easy for me. 

               The million dollar question you are wondering which one do I prefer? YouTube or Instagram? Well Instagram as I seem to get quite a bit more interaction then I did with my time on YouTube. I really like Instagram and the fact it is connected with my Instagram account I had way before Instagram TV came out, I really like it is intertwined with my account that has photos on it. Now I know Instagram TV, you only have 10 minutes per video but that's enough for me to say what I would like then post it up. I have to say after saying what I had to say, Instagram TV is my preference over YouTube at this point and my Instagram is growing pretty quickly even though it's on a stand still of 98 followers but it is more then I had months ago around the 70 mark so it is work in progress! I can say this, Instagram all the way for me!


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