Sunday, January 13, 2019

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother 2 Preview & Other Podcast Announcements!

                I admit, I have been waiting for this announcement for a very long time.  As you can tell by the sound of my voice, I am excited, very excited to say the least as you know Celebrity Big Brother 2 in the US is starting back up soon which means to start the 9th Season, that's right 9th season, a preview podcast is coming. What is a preview podcast you may ask? Well it is where I sit down and discuss the cast for this 3 week season of Celebrity Big Brother. I assess the cast and I also pick who I think will win this Celebrity Big Brother US 2. Now if you do not remember I actually did not cover it last year but this is the very first year I will be covering it for the first time and yes I am a bit on the nervous side of things covering it but in time I will feel that comfort level of actually doing it and remember it is only 3 short weeks long and nothing I cannot handle. I got 2 podcasts a week minus finale week which has the one podcast to wrap up the season. Within a day, I will be recording my Survivor: Edge of Extinction Preview Podcast the following day the Podcast goes up.  So what is the timeline for the Podcast here it is:

Thurs. January 17th, 2019: Celebrity Big Brother US 2 Preview Podcast

Wed. January 23rd, 2019: Celebrity Big Brother US 2 RECAP Podcast Starts

Thurs. February 14th, 2019: Celebrity Big Brother US 2 RECAPS finish

Fri. February 15th, 2019: Survivor: Edge of Extinction Preview Podcast

              This is the start of the scheduling, however I am hiding something that you guys don't know and if the plan falls through with the support of my Alumni but I am not ready yet to tell you my big plan for the podcast but if it falls through, then I am going to make that announcement down the road and yes it will have to go to a few ppl to talk about this idea down the road but aiming for a Season 10 launch on this idea down the road. I am looking forward to sitting down and discussing the cast with you and it will be another fun season to cover Everything About Reality TV Podcast.


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