Monday, January 14, 2019

The Truth About Chris B On The Web... (Got Some Concerns...)

             I have been holding on to this since the 1st of January, maybe even longer. However as you all know, Chris B On The Web is struggling to get the domain back and it has really dragged me down, like literally I have been feeling down since the site went down to begin with back at the end of the summer last year and just been hiding how I am feeling and trying to get through things in a positive manner. I have the habit of holding my feelings in and it is not healthy whatsoever to do that. Unfortunately the domain isn't available still 2 plus months later has put CBOTW in turmoil. I just do not know what to do or where to turn at this point. I have a strange feeling that my website will not be back at anytime nor it will be available. It is still in the redemption stage and yet it is still unavailable for me to get again so I am stuck whether CBOTW is to continue or to just shut it down entirely once and for all despite the views, here on the website is really good, I just do not want to take it away from you guys which I have worked hard to get the views that I have truly earned on here so it is a very tough decision and I am not clearly sure which direction I am going to turn at this point. I know Chris B On The Web produces "Everything About Reality TV" & "The CBOTW Show" and it takes a hit and I have thought of it being an independent podcast down the line and it could work but yet again it is the views on this site that is bothering me. I feel like I will let you guys down.

                I have a lot to think about for the future of Chris B On The Web and still got time to make the decision. However the choice to leave 000webhost was the best decision I ever made ever. I am much happier with this website to this day and proud how fast it has grown since I utilized this site more as you know the blog was embedded to the original .com website which I know is sloppy but 000webhost had no blog element I could use on the site which wasn't too impressive whatsoever. Whatever decision I make is my decision and my decision alone and I have to deal with it for whatever length I have the domain but hopefully I can the .com back into my hands soon if not I am not sure what the plan is but once I figure things out I will let you guys know for sure!


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