Tuesday, January 15, 2019

I Am Looking Forward To Star Wars: Episode 9!

           I can officially say this, I am excited for Star Wars Episode 9. Yes it is the year Star Wars is coming out and I just cannot wait for it to come out. When will it will be out? Not sure when, probably out in December but either way it is going to be an exciting year. I know I have heard rumors about some things which I will kind of talk about it. I heard rumors Hayden Christensen is rumored to come back as Anakin Skywalker force ghost. There was rumors Ewan Mcgregor was to revise his role as Obi Wan. Not only that I think it is confirmed that Mark Hamill is confirmed to be a Force Ghost and I found this out from Larry but it is confirmed as you can Google it as it is there and there are plenty of articles out there but I looked it up before writing today's post.

              Why am I excited for Star Wars? Well besides the fact I am a big Star Wars fan, it feels like it's been a long time since a movie came out and honestly I am wondering where the story line will go after the death of Luke Skywalker as we saw in Episode # 8: The Last Jedi. The questions that I even asked after the movie, what is happening to Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber that fell when he passed in the movie. I mean his robe was on the rock and I am sure somewhere there is his lightsaber sits there. Maybe Rey would get it? Never know! I however found out from Larry that Rey has a new lightsaber and it's a different color and I will not spoil the color as I am not about that spoilerino kind of game. Anyways there is a lot of questions to ask and I with the Supreme leader of the First Order Snoke, I wonder what Kylo Ren will do without the leader. I wonder if he will become the next leader of the First Order? This is why I am very excited for the movie coming out to find out what is next for the movie.

             Finally I know I realize this is the last movie in the trilogy but I am sure they are planning on an Episode 10 but we never know what the Producers are thinking but I got that very odd feeling there will be more movies coming. I thought I heard a few years ago they were planning up to Episode # 12 but never know. All we know is Kylo Ren is still there and unless the character dies or gets turned back to the good side like Vader did in Episode 6. Don't forget there will be other villains in the movie there was not just Vader or Kylo Ren, there was Darth Maul, Count Dooku before all of that so there is plenty of villains that they could add if they indeed continue on into an Episode # 10 and on. I shouldn't get that far but either way I am excited for Episode 9 and to seeing the movie with Larry as we are planning to see the movie this year and excited to find out the name of the movie as well!


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