Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Started To Own All The Harry Potter Movies!

          I have officially started to collect all the Harry Potter Movies. I have I believe 3 of the movies , maybe 4 movies. I have Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix and one other which is The Goblet of Fire and I hope that is the right movies I currently have and I need to get more of the movies down the road as I plan on owning all the movies and I know my niece and nephew love those movies and yes they are 7 year old currently.  I have read all the books and I still got the books and eventually yes I may just re-read em from start to finish as it has been a long time however another good reason to have the books I can loan them to my niece and nephew later to read the books. Anyways I am way off topic on here as I am talking about the movies and I need to get. I have to still a pile of them to get but in time I will end up owning them all down the road, it will take me some time to collect them all. Sometimes it is not easy to find the movies but I will be sure to own them all down the road I am sure. 

             Even to this day the Harry Potter movies are still popular and I am really glad my niece and nephew are into them as they are great movies. I can be honest, I kind of forget how the story line goes so I think I am definitely due to watch the movies again down the road but I need to have all the movies in order to watch them which I do not have as of yet but down the road I plan on it as right now I am saving up for the domain and the desk rebuild and other equipment I need in the studio currently so it is kind of on the back burner but there is birthday and Christmas again this year so you never know I can have em sooner then usual. 

             Either way I really did enjoy the movies and slowly but surely I am getting the movies. Mind you I have Philosopher's Stone on VHS but even that I need to get on DVD or Blue Ray. I am keeping a list of the ones I need and maybe eventually I will end up saving up and getting 2 of em at a time depending the price but recently the prices at Now and Then here are quite reasonable and maybe in February when I get together with Larry and Justin I may look at them at the store so I may end up getting some of the movies when I am out and about. I am not surprised Harry Potter is still popular to this day and it will be still be popular for years to come as well. 


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