Friday, January 18, 2019

New Food Court At Union Station, Toronto

             Back on Monday, I got the chance to go into Toronto for the day for my 3rd day off from Chris B On The Web as you know I took some time off from Chris B On The Web as I really did need it and I was pretty stressed out at the time. There is a lot going on here in the studio with keeping up with the podcasts, the website domain trying to get back which mind you nothing has happened yet. Anyways the day consisted of going over to St. Micheal's Cathedral for Noon mass. Also we originally were suppose to have lunch over at Eaton Center which was our original plan but I kind of came up with the idea to go back down to Union Station and eat. My dad had a bagel and for me as I already had bread I had to have Pizza Pizza which was not a great experience and I will be talking about this on the blog later on and trust me I have a lot to say about the experience overall. 

               Before we went to Mass though, we actually took a look at the food court and I wish I took a picture of it honestly but I just didn't think of it as it was out of site out of mind and I just did not really think about it honestly. I was overwhelmed with the way it was setup, I was quite impressed actually. Also the lady at the Chinese food gave us a sample which was Chicken with sweet and sour sauce and it was good. There was also McDonalds (meh), Perogies place as well. There was a Thai place as well, Timmie's (Tim Horton's). I am sure I am forgetting some but it was really nice and I never really knew that the downstairs existed but it could of not been there and dug out but I do not know as the Bay Concourse wasn't there originally from what my dad mentioned back on Monday.  But either way I really did enjoy the new food court and plan on eating there again down the road, well minus the experience I had which like I said I will end up up today at 1 pm EST.


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