Wednesday, November 11, 2020

I'm Back! & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Schedule This Week!

                  So I am back with another blog and I know, it's been 4 days since my last post and I got some great news with the Collaboration Podcast but that will be little later on in today's post. Yea I was not happy and I took 2 days away from the blog but I am very thankful for having a management team, Billy, Tiala and Joe, without them I probably been a mess mentally right now. However I have been working on things and getting a move on the next collab podcast and of course my normal podcast which by the time you see this post I have recorded it and started the editing process with it and also watching the virtual Remembrance Day Ceremony with my dad.  Also working on Power Rangers Ninja Storm as well. Ever since being off from the blog, I have been sleeping early evening up to midnight and up during the night and sleeping a bit in the mornings which I have to honestly fix the sleep issue and I am trying. My sleep is so wacky right now it's not even funny. I was up majority of the night and will stay up till 9 as it is a single episode of Amazing Race tonight as the next two weeks is a double episode of Amazing Race so 4 legs of the race is 2 hours both weeks. Anyways I will be in bed by 9 pm EST and I should be asleep till 3 am EST at the most maybe 4 am but we'll see. 

                 Now to the announcement portion of this blog post: tomorrow evening, both Larry and I will be recording our next Collaboration Podcast for Power Rangers Wild Force Collab Podcast. I am excited we finally get to record the podcast and we get to release another episode of the podcast together. Now due to COVID-19, we will once again be recording VIA Skype as we are still practicing our social distancing from one another and it's been 8 months since I have seen Larry in person but we are committed to recording the podcast even if it is online. His mic here in the studio isn't going anywhere, it sits there waiting for his return. Now the announcement for the post up is coming and maybe by mid week next week it will be up and posted up. One last thing I can say we are aiming for Ninja Storm in December and Dino Thunder in January which then we will be on hiatus and of course gives me time to figure things out and get caught up with watching seasons on the side. That is all I have to say for today's blog post and I will see you on tomorrow's blog post. It is good to be back.


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