Thursday, November 12, 2020

Last Day On Set of The Entertainment Man Talk Show... (Throwback Thursday)

            This was the toughest day in my career. Knowing it was the final day on set of my beloved web series and to be honest it was a tough last day on set for me knowing the series was heading into a hiatus for the next full year before the series got completely cancelled, axed whatever you wanna call it. The final episode, was York Durham Railway which was an honor and pleasure to actually have the permission to film on their property on some of their equipment, Budd Cars, Alco Diesel # 3612 one of my personal favorites as it was always the locomotive that pulled when my dad and I were on it. There is a picture of me sitting in the diesel and I could of gotten a picture on Diesels # 22 and 1310 but no, I had to make sure it was 3612 again it was a personal fave. I can actually say I have been on the train 3 different occasions and been pulled by all 3 diesels. I remember the day Larry and I filmed it was a hot day and being in the car it was hot but we were use to it. We filmed as much as we can before sticking our heads out the door. I believe it may have been a two part finale, but then again I would have to ask Larry to see if he still has the outlines for Season 5 & 6 outlines. I will ask him later on today and if he finds it to make a copy of it to send it to me through mail.

              I remember the very final scene was in the caboose and was the final send off on the series before the end.  It was an emotional final episode because honestly I did not know the state of the series till the next year.  I remember coming back to the studio to celebrate the end of the season and another successful season. To be honest I remember the conversations that Larry and I what was next if we were planning to continue the series or we would just end it entirely and do other projects. There was a lot of conversations between him and I especially after the recording was completed with him and I. Honestly I am blessed for everything I had with that series in the end. It had one heck of a run really and I am forever grateful for the fans that supported the project in the final days and years of the series and I will always have a ton of memories recording the series with my team. That is my post for today, thanks for listening to what I had to say about my last day on set and I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post.


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