Friday, November 13, 2020

What Needs To Be Fixed With Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast During It's Hiatus?

            I know this has been a question for a while since the announcement on October 27th,2020 when I announced there will be a hiatus with the Collaboration Podcast and I am going to answer that today. First of all I know Larry and I have had our share of issues on both of our ends and one of the reasons we are taking time away. I will also highlight the plan for 2021 without giving away any key information when we are planning to recording. Anyways here is what we need to do moving forward:

  • Moving forward we have to make sure both our internet isn't giving us a problem as that has been a key issue with me for the most part as you know I have had some issues in the recent months and still having the occasional in and out with the net but nothing new there but really working hard to fixing the issue. 
  • Recording software. Make sure we have the right microphone setup as that was an on going issue with the recent podcast back in August and not referring to Wild Force as that was recorded yesterday and I haven't had a chance to start or just started the editing the podcast so it can go up next week.
  • Make sure Larry's IPad is working smoothly without the battery dying on him which was the other key issue back in August and kind of the cause of me unsure of the podcasts future due to this pandemic we are unable to record in the studio at this current moment and resorted to recording via Skype.
  • Catch-up on the notes as that also has been a problem is getting the notes done so the next several months, I will be busy working on future collabs between my regular podcast.
                There are the key things that need to be fixed within the next several months once we complete Dino Thunder we will be busy behind the scenes on getting notes done and fixing the above issues that the podcast is currently experiencing and I am sure we will get these fixed and working. So please do be patient with us, we will be back in 2021 and I cannot wait to get back to recording with Larry but in the meantime enjoy, Wild Force, Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder because there is plenty of podcasts to come before we go off air for a few months while we fix what I said above.


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