Saturday, November 14, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Turns 6 Today!

               Today ChrisBOnTheWeb turns 6. I know what your going to say why does it say 15 Years on the banners across the site and social media? Well this year I am also celebrating 15 years as a content creator that is why it is like that. Anyways when I started under my own brand 6 years ago, I was still currently on the YouTube platform and The Entertainment Man Talk Show which was the current running series along with Vlogs for 700 + days. Then saw the start of podcasts 6 years ago too but was short lived till Fall of 2015 when "Everything About Reality TV" started follow by it's cancellation this year and the birth of Entertainment Man Podcast which has done quite well for itself recently. The website itself has seen so much change over the years and honestly the transition from YouTube to Podcasts was a major change and having to change everything over on the website so you guys wouldn't be confused and I mean when confused when I turned into an Audio ONLY podcast in 2016. Why do you think I took the summer off from content, so I can start re-designing the entire website from scratch.

              Either way I am proud of the website and the content over the years and I am looking forward to celebrating 10 years in 4 years years time when it hits it's 10 year anniversary.  This is indeed an momentous occasion not just for me but my management team as well as well. Some of them been with me on and off over the years, Joe who helped me on that other website provider that kept suspending my website for no apparent reason, but also Larry who has been with me since before CBOTW even remotely existed yes I am referring to the old team, The Video Projects Team and yeah I'm not afraid to mention that name and I will talk about that next week on a post I promise. We have some old school team and new school who are new to the team now but that don't matter, I am proud of my team one way or another and we are progressing very well with it and here is to another year, another 4 years and so on. I'm not going off air anytime soon no matter what the haters say, we're here to stay!


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