Sunday, November 15, 2020

Weekly Updates [11-15-2020]

             We are officially into a brand new week for ChrisBOnTheWeb and Chris's content and I have some information to give you guys from the boss man himself as things have been going good and some have gone awry but I will explain what is going on so here is the update:

Website/Archive Account: Chat is OFFICIALLY going to be making a RETURN as of a week tomorrow @ 9 am EST, it will become active on the website once again and will be open to the public 24-7 and YES, guest chat will be activated but as Chris told me to mention if it gets way out of control we will lock it down where you have to login to the chat and we honestly do not wanna do that if we don't have to. We delaying the launch of the chat by a week due to his account, well someone got into it, changed the email to it and he has already emailed them about it and hopefully will hear back from em this week which will affect 2 of the podcasts within the website. We both are working on getting it back as it has all 295 episodes of the podcast on there and we never once changed the password oremail to it. We have an idea who have done it and we are not one happy about it. He's gotten into a fight with support and he either owns up and him and I reupload. He don't wanna create a second feed and re do the intros if he don't need to. He has thought about returning The CBOTW Show but feed would be inactive minus 3 times a year and he's not up to covering shows throughout the show, he's retired from a regular podcast and currently has the podcast I mentioned below. We will be in direct contact with you guys when things are back online so stay tune to the Social accounts for direct updates on the situation.

Entertainment Man Podcast: The Podcast is coming out today as normal at 1 pm EST, however due to what I said above Chris and I cannot post up the podcast to the site with the account not accessible at this moment, the podcast cannot be posted up. However soon as we get access and update the account with recent podcasts, we will upload and update the pages that need to be updated as one of the podcasts is not showing on one of the website and we are fully aware of the issue and will fix it when it is the right time.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: Chris will edit but right now everything is on hold with that Collab due to us having to re-upload everything and taking pages offline temporarily on and off and we are sorry but this is ridiculous we have to put the Collab on hold at this moment while we fix the issues. 

               There is an array of issues and the website and even if we change the emails which we got access to it again and we changed emails and we have no access to the old email to keep it verfied at this point and we had no choice but to change the email and trust me Chris fought hard on it and he has not been a happy camper at all with the recent changes and stress. In the end the final result they moved all items to the current account and we're now back on track once again. I'm sorry this is late. We both were up all night working on fixing on issues within the website and now we are doing checks on each page to ensure it's working again. Anyways I will talk to you guys next week and sorry for a very long post but so much going on in the last 24 hours.


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